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We're only a few days away from the midseason premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead and, much like the walkers quickly encroaching upon our Alexandria, we're champing at the bit. But unlike the walkers, it's not human flesh we hunger for, but the chance to see how our favorite characters fare in the upcoming episode.

Norman Reedus, everyone's cherished crossbow-wielding badass, recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly and revealed what we can expect from his The Walking Dead character at the end of Season 6.

"There’s so much chaos happening in the second half. As far as Daryl is concerned, he is pissed off. He’s had his stuff taken from him. He put himself out there and trusted some people, and it did backfire on him, and I think he comes back super pissed off. There’s a lot of that element for me. I mean, I know you know the bad guys that are coming. It’s been announced and well displayed for everyone to see, but there’s definite surprises coming with all of that, and you know, it’s battle time."

If Daryl Dixon wasn't already in battle mode, then I can't even imagine what to expect from him this next season. Reedus goes on to say that he has plenty of new motivation fueling his fight"

"I feel like there’s a lot of vengeance happening in the second half, and a lot of payback on Daryl’s mind. He’s headstrong now, and he’s kind of turning into the same sort of aggressive person he was in the first part of the show, going back to his roots. I think he would definitely be making Merle proud right now."

To be honest, I've missed the payback, vengeance and aggression of Daryl's personality from the earlier seasons. I can't wait to see what this weekend has in store for Walking Dead fans.

'The Walking Dead' will return to AMC this Sunday.


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(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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