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Star Wars Episode 7 is awesome and brought Star Wars back up and running! And fans cant wait to see Episode 8 next! And with everyone trying to find a leak of the plot, or hell, even more news for the upcoming movie, this might be the biggest one yet!: Some of the Episode VIII story has apparently leaked, with youtuber Mike Zeroh (Check him out) Uploading a video saying some crew members over at shooting Episode VIII, emailed him, the beggining of the movie, with some authentic photos of some behind the scenes sets, which probably aren't fake, since after doing a Google Image search with the pics, he found nothing! NOTHING! That is a pretty good sign and second sign is that Disney took down his video, after he uploaded it, which makes you think, if this is true, which it most likely is.

So, with betrayals, silences, that's how Episode VII might be one of the best, if not the best SW movie of all time, just from the plot leak. Keep in mind, this is just possibly the beggining of the movie, so it won't include much, and that's why this is a two-parter, so let's start:

#1: Snoke Is Ruthless As Fuck (So Is Kylo Ren)

Apparently Snoke lives on a planet, and inside something called a Texlar, in which he is there for basic life support, in which he isn't a giant, but still pretty big.

Ren enters and speaks with Snoke, after that Hux enters, and somehow angers Snoke, Snoke kills him, with no hesitation and Kylo Ren showing no remorse for what just happened. Basically he didn't gave a fuck.

That's two ruthless blokes right there, mate.

#2: Snoke Has A New Sith Under His Command, Darth Vaan:

Now we don't actually know if Del Toro will play Vaan but it seems likely. And he's somewhat Snoke's second apprentice or something.

This is how the scene goes:

After Hux's dead, a door opens, and a hooded figure appears by the name of Darth Vaan, and then after Ren leaves the Texlar, Snoke tells Vaan that if Kylo doesn't complete the mission of destroying Skywalker then Vaan will kill him.

That cheating bastard, Snoke!

#3: For Bloody Fuck's sake, Luke, Just Admit You're The Father!


As Rey and Luke are on Ach-To, they sit and speak...well, a bit. As Rey hands him the ligthsaber, a long silence occurs, and it's awkward. then Rey mentions General Organa and Luke goes 'Leia?" then Rey says Luke must return to the base of the Resistance. But Luke says leaving is for another time, and they must stay here for now.

Well, let's hope Luke is bothered by Incest (to those who got the reference, good for you as for the rest who don' TFA hishe).

#4: Leia Faints When Learning Rey Found Luke, And Snoke And Kylo Are After Skywalker.

When Threepio delivers the news to Leia, she falls down and Threepio goes after for help, and she whispers 'Luke'.

Snoke and Ren together with Vaan are after Rey and Skywalker, and demolish them and the Resistance once and for all.


This leak didn't offer the answer to every SW fan's question: Is Luke Rey's father, but it looks to build up to a bigger and better conclusion. Keep in mind, all this sound pretty legit, but is it really?


Mates, do you think this leak is legit? Answers below:


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