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J.J. Abrams and the marketing team over at Paramount/Skydance/Bad Robot really had no business trying to convince the world that Benedict Cumberbatch wasn't playing Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. It was simply too obvious for anyone to deny. However, they did a fantastic job making everyone believe that the Enterprise was going to crash by the end of the movie.

There were several shots throughout the trailers that overtly pointed at that scenario. Then towards the end of the marketing campaign, when the enemy ship (the Vengeance) was finally revealed, no one thought any better. The Vengeance has an almost identical hull design and layout to the Enterprise, but because everyone was already convinced that the Enterprise was the one crashing into the ocean no one gave it a second glance.

This is simply brilliant marketing. It has become increasingly difficult to blow smoke in the face of fans today, especially with all of their smart phones and the Internet. But there is something to be said for a little clever editing when assembling a trailer. All it takes is arranging a few shots in a different order, and the audience is led in a completely new direction... which brings us to the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers.

There is a BIG explosion that has had more than one origin according to the trailers. First Wonder Woman smacked her vambraces together and the shock created some sort of sonic boom.

But then... the next trailer showed Doomsday blasting energy from his mouth and eyes which then was followed by the same electrified explosion. But could it be that both of these scenarios are meant to mislead the audience? Could they both be red herrings?

It was in the second trailer that we got the first glimpse of some interesting creatures we now know are parademons. But at the time it was rightly assumed that they were part of a dream sequence so it made since to not put too much stock in their appearance.

They might just as well have just been an Easter Egg for the super fans. But then this image dropped:

And then, in the third BvS trailer that dropped last week, the actual scene where that image came from was included for only a couple of frames...

Batman is seen standing before the ruins of a once great city. And at his feet is a giant omega symbol pressed into the barren earth. This, as many fans know, is the symbol of Darkseid (pronounced "dark side"... he doesn't like how we spell words here). So now we can postulate that the parademons aren't just an Easter Egg but are indeed the minions of the enemy of life himself and will in fact tie into a greater threat in the near future.

These revelations lead me to believe that the explosion in Batman vs Superman could very well be a boom tube. Boom tube is a word in the DC universe that is synonymous with portal or worm hole. It is the means of transportation that Darkseid and his ilk utilize when traveling across the universe.

Traditionally Darkseid will send his parademons ahead to scout and take living samples of the inhabitants of a potential world worth conquering. These hostages are then brought through the boom tubes to Darkseid's home world and base of operations... a planet called Apokolips (again with the spelling). There the hostages are put in small cells and slowly turned into parademons. Yup, that's how he builds and maintains his army. It's a terrible way to go.

The next phase is a full on invasion of parademons lead by Darkseid himself. It's pretty intense. If you want to study this some more, I suggest you watch the recent animated film Justice League: War.

Boom tubes have taken on several different appearances over the years of comics and cartoons. So there is no way to be certain if the appearance of the explosion in the BvS trailers makes it a boom tube. But it seems like more of a possibility now that Darkseid has officially been teased as a coming threat to the Justice League and Earth.

I am not the first fan to consider the possibility that the explosion could be a boom tube, but ever since the evidence has started stacking up it seems more and more plausible. Also Zack Snyder has been clear that there is another threat that will unite the Justice League. Could that threat be Doomsday or worse yet...


What do you think?


Do you think the explosion could be a boom tube?


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