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Another Yeezy era, another spat with Taytay. This time, however, she's got members of her famous squad to defend her.

After Kanye West did a live stream of his new album The Life Of Pablo simultaneously with a fashion show for Yeezy Season 3, people began dissecting some of his lyrics.

On one of his new songs, "Famous," Kanye references Taylor Swift in a way that many have criticized as misogynistic and offensive. He raps:

"I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous"

Taylor's gang immediately jumped to her defense. Her brother Austin posted a pic to Instagram showing him throwing away his Yeezy sneakers (Selena Gomez and Calvin Harris liked the post). Then, Ruby Rose took a more direct approach.

Ruby Calls Out Kanye On Twitter

Ruby referenced more than just Taylor, making it clear that Kanye has been saying many things of late that have given people pause.

She Made Sure To Defend Taylor In Another Tweet

After the controversy erupted, Kanye claimed that he reached out to Taylor and gained her approval for the lyric. However, Ruby tweeted today that this was simply not the case.

Taylor has yet to speak publicly about the supposed feud, but her friends are definitely not Team Kanye.


Whose side are you on in this renewed beef?

(H/T: E! Online)


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