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If you are a parent with a child under the age of 17, let's say (for PC reasons), you might think to yourself, "hey, it's a superhero movie, how inappropriate can it be?" When it comes to the outlandishly brilliant movie that is Deadpool, PLEASE do not take the "hard R rating" lightly (in other words, this R rating is harder than a quarterback on prom night). As someone who has worked in a comic shop, parents constantly turn a blind eye to the *explicit content warning* that is clearly written on the cover, and kids of all ages get exposed to gratuitous acts of violence, drug abuse, and heavy sexual situations, regardless if it's being displayed with colorful and fun artwork. You don't want to have the kid that every other parent hates because they are destroying the innocence of the playground, and talking about concepts that are way over their head for the most inexcusable reasons. If you want to see it (and I guarantee you will), just get a babysitter.

Ok, maybe not Deadpool himself...
Ok, maybe not Deadpool himself...

First off, heads are rolling, blood is splattering, and the use weapons are aplenty in some of the most extreme action sequences since the vomit inducing Punisher: War Zone. Next up, they did not shy away from the use of full frontal, or full backside (actually, the full shebang) when it comes to nudity. On top of that, the use of dirty language and innuendos are present in about every single line of dialogue throughout the entire movie. Needless to say, it toes the line of NC-17 the whole way through, almost making the original Robocop look like a family film. With all this said, it's about the most entertaining Superhero film of all time, so it's kind of a shame that a giant portion of the typically aimed demographic should definitely not see this movie until they are legally able to win the lottery.

So kids, don't you go getting any funny ideas. Parents, actually take some responsibility on this one. And movie theaters, keep a keen eye out because this is the last movie we want impressing the malleable minds of our youth. Did I see movies I probably shouldn't have when I was a kid? Hell yeah, I think we all did, but this one is packaged as a pretty pony that's secretly full of syphilis. Does that make the movie not worth seeing? Hell no!!! This movie should win an Oscar (if the Academy wasn't a bunch of old farts that take themselves waaaaay too seriously). It's got all the makings of a classic, just be warned that it is definitely not for kids... DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS!!! For making it seem like you could take your youngster to a fun superhero flick, bad Deadpool! For being the most awesome film of the year thus far, good Deadpool!

Wait, you're still here? It's over, you can go now... Look up some cat videos or something. Or read my other articles (wink wink), I mean you made it this far. Who am I kidding, go see Deadpool, just not if you can't remember when Bill Clinton was in office. Thanks again for stopping by!


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