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In one of my previous articles I speculated about Zoom's identity and came across a lot of comments from readers making their own theory about the demon speedster. I talked to a few of them and some had very interesting points of view about it.

Some theories are very well argued, while some people are thinking completely out of the box, leading to some pretty interesting ideas. My theory about Earth-2 Barry Allen proved itself wrong but there are a lot of others possibilities that readers thought of. I thought I would shake things up a bit for this article and let you, the readers, be the article.

I made a selection of the most interesting comments, thoughtful for the most part and sometimes the complete opposite, see for yourself.

Earth-2 Henry Allen

This theory is the most widespread on the internet right now. I'm talking of course about Earth-2 Henry Allen as Scott Kendall cleverly explained:

"It's not Barry Allen. The body type is totally different. It could be Henry Allen though. Maybe on Earth 2 Barry's mother was murdered and Barry got convicted of the crime instead of Henry. And maybe Henry was the one that got struck by lightning and became Zoom."

While the last Flash episode Welcome To Earth-2 has proven that Earth-2 Barry's mother was still alive, it doesn't totally rules out the possibility of Henry Allen being Zoom. When you're the fastest man alive it is totally possible to do several things all at once, even evil things I guess.

Michael Prospero also pointed out that DC liked to pay tribute to their previous actors like they did with the little easter-egg to John Wesley Shipp's Flash during the last episode:

I agree that's it Henry Allen, obviously the CW DC universe likes to have people who were included in previous DC universe films I.E John wesley Shipp aka flash from the early 90's tv show. Not only is the physique similar but the eyes are as well. If i were a writer for the show i would think it would be badass to have him back in the suit. The con side to this theory is why would he want to kill his son (even earth one version).

That would only make sense that the writers would want to make him a speedster once again. Anyway for Carlos Tolentino there is no need to ask the question:

"No theory here people. 100%, no diggity (sic), no doubt, put it in the books, sealed shut and throw away the key it's Henry Allen"

Earth-2 Eddie Thawne

One other very popular theory concerns a dead character, Eobard Thawne's ancestor Eddie. For a time people thought that Eddie was in fact the Reverse-Flash but he proved himself to be a really likeable character and sacrificed his life during the first season finale. But is Eddie gone forever ? Daniel Davis thinks the question deserves to be raised:

"The people are identical to earth 1 but their personalities are switched. However, could it be possible that zoom is someone we've seen Eddie? That would give the best twist we've seen yet."

Seeing Eddie as Zoom would certainly be a punch in the gut especially for Iris and Joe who would be particularly affected by this revelation. It would not only be a good twist but also an emotional train wreck for Team Flash. I said it before, Zoom needs to be someone we already know for his identity to be shocking. Such a revelation would for sure be a game-changer for the show.

Also, Ruturaj Jayawant thinks that we could witness a reversal just like what happened to Oliver Queen and his father Robert. Sounds logical to me:

"As Robert Queen instead of Oliver Queen becomes the Green Arrow on Earth 2, so it will be Eddie Thawne, the ancestor of Eobard Thawne to become Reverse Flash of Earth 2 aka Zoom....Does it sound logical?"

Crazy Theories

I said it before, while some theories about Zoom were extremely interesting and worth thinking about, I came across some masterpieces, obviously meant as jokes (or not). Ammar A theory would probably be one of the biggest twist I've ever seen on TV:

It's going to be Iris obviously.

Of course we now know that Iris is in fact a detective on Earth-2 but still, I would have never thought about that one!

I'll leave the last word to Joshua Taylor who probably wrote the best comment I've seen yet. When you deeply think about it, his theory kinda makes sense (maybe not entirely):

Guys I've worked it out........................zoom is deadpool

I would love to see a Flash/Deadpool crossover but I'm going to go with Jason Todd on that one.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/9c on The CW.


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