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A fun and charming film, that shows us one mans dream to become an Olympian. Showing us to follow your heart, despite what others say, and giving us the message that regardless of what you do, it's better to do your best and fail.

The film follows the story of 1988 Winter Olympian, Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards, as he tries to become an Olympian representing his country, England. The story starts off with him as a young boy, telling his mother that he's going to go to the Olympics. He decides to be the only Ski Jumper in his country, but In his adventure in becoming an Olympian he is met with resistance. England's board for the Olympics tries their very best to deny him access in joining the Olympics. Even his own father, believes he doesn't have what it takes and tells him quit his dream and join in his business. Even other Ski Jumpers don't see him becoming anything. But through every fall, every bruise, and every jump, Eddie manages to surpass everyone's expectations.

You can't help but adore Eddie's tenacity to become an Olympian despite all odds that are against him. With very few time to prep for the Olympics in Ski jumping, Eddie captured his country's heart by not winning medals, but by winning the human spirit.

The film is a fun, inspiring, story, with two great actors. Taron Egerton, portrays Eddie as a tenacious young man, who will stop at nothing in achieving his dreams. Many know Egerton from his lead role in Kingsman: The Secret Service and in this film he certainly leads, holding his own and not being overshadowed by veteran actor Hugh Jackman. Jackman plays Eddie's coach, Bronson Peary, a heavy drinking, former Ski Jumper/Olympian/Gold Medalist. At first Peary is like everyone else, telling Eddie to give up on his dream, but seeing the fire in Eddie's eyes, he agrees to coach him and take him to the Olympics. Jackman plays a supporting role, with heart and even has is own character arc, now whether that is necessary is a different story.

As fun and inspiring the film is, nothing is perfect. I am uncertain of the budget, but the effects of the film look very dated and it stood out like a sore thumb in the film. Also, some could say the film is rather cliche, but that in no way hinders the film, however if you are looking for an accurate portrayal for the story of Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards, perhaps this isn't the film. The actual Eddie Edwards has stated that the film will not follow his story very accurate and the film has even added a fictional character; Jackman's character Bronson Peary is completely fictional.

However, despite some of the missteps, the film is still very much enjoyable and inspiring. Eddie the Eagle comes out in theaters February 26, 2016.


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