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Among football games, house parties, and spending time doing whatever else the average person does for excitement, action-thrillers are located somewhere on the list of things that some people just can't get enough of. To get things rolling, it was reported some time ago that Michael Pena would be starring in an action-thriller titled The Worker, a film set to be directed by none-other than Dan Bradley. If you've watched any of the first four films in the Bourne franchise, Bradley probably isn't a stranger to you. The decorated second-unit action-director was responsible for crafting Bourne's breath-taking fight scenes and action sequences in all their gritty, stylish glory. This won't be Bradley's first brush with directing, though, since he directed the 2012 remake of Red Dawn.

Here's the basic plot:

The Worker” is “Taken” meets “Bourne” – equipped with spectacular gun fights, car chases and lethal hand-to-hand combat. Peña plays Manny, an ex-member of Special Forces, Mexico’s elite fighting unit. When the cartel puts a hit out on his family, his only choice is to flee to Los Angeles. But crossing a border doesn’t guarantee safety. Manny’s beautiful wife Maria and son are kidnapped. He has to rely on his skills, his raw nerve, and resourcefulness in order to take down a team of drug dealers whose sole aim is to destroy him and everything he holds dear.

Michael Pena is an unexpected, yet interesting candidate for a role of this nature. In other films, he's proven himself to have the dramatic and comedic chops necessary to carry a movie or get a few chuckles out of the audience. He's collaborated on two David Ayer films, and if you know Ayer, you know his films tend to be heavy on the action and grittiness. Given all of this information, isn't it high-time Pena be allowed to carry a potential action franchise such as Hollywood's resident action-man/ nice guy Matt Damon has with the Bourne series? It seems like the right time. This film is going to be a true test for Pena to prove that he has the grit, the screen presence, and the will to carry such a big film. But it's also going to be a big step for latinos starring in big feature films. With a legend of Zorro remake on the way, this film will be crucial to breaking down the door and allowing for more talent to be recognized. Only time will tell if Pena can make this film a hit and be a success for all parties involved.


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