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Prepare yourself for more of the relentless insults from Chanel #1.

According to E! Online, Emma Roberts herself has confirmed that Chanel Oberlin will be returning for Season 2 of Scream Queens.

"Yeah, Chanel is back! I'm so excited for Season 2 of 'Scream Queens' because I can only imagine what the writers have in store for Chanel."

Last we left Chanel (spoiler alert), she was enjoying the sisterhood of the all-female wing of a mental hospital. Actually, the very last scene showed her about to be killed in her own bed, but it sounds like she will once again find a way to survive.

Roberts is especially excited about the rumors claiming that four young male actors will be joining the cast as doctors.

"I mean, I hope there's four hot doctors because I feel like if there is anything Season 2 needs, it's four hot doctors."

Other than that, reports have been minimal about Season 2, aside from the fact that it's definitely happening. Jamie Lee Curtis is expected to come back, and Lea Michele has admitted she wants to return as well.

Sounds like this definitely won't be an anthology series like Ryan Murphy's other scary series American Horror Story. What's in store for the Chanels? We'll have to wait and see.


Will you be tuning in to Season 2 of 'Scream Queens'?

(Source: E! Online)


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