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This article will be discussing episode 13 of Arrow 'Sins Of The Father.'

If you are yet to watch this episode then beware there will be spoilers covered in this aritlcle.

Still with me? Then we'll begin. In the first episode of season four, we saw a six month flash forward which showed Oliver standing over a grave.

This is the mystery grave in question
This is the mystery grave in question

There has been a lot of speculation around who the occupant of said grave could be. Almost every character on the show has had a theory written about how it could happen to them. I believe that Wednesday's episode gave us a big hint who it could be.

At the end of 'Sins of the Father', Malcolm Merlyn committed what could be his most evil act yet. He met with Damien Darhk and gave him the information that Oliver has a son. Not only did he tell him this, he also gave him his name.

Now immediately, it feels obvious the person in the grave is William. I don't believe this is the case.

So Who Could It Be Then?

I think the person in the grave is William's mother, Samantha.

Samantha  (Williams mother)
Samantha (Williams mother)

Here Is How I Think It Goes Down

I think Darhk will go on a mission to kidnap William, which he will suceed with. This will cause Samantha to contact Oliver to let him know and ask for help. Due to Oliver's lying about William to Felicty, this will be the factor which makes them break up. Don't forget, when we saw Oliver and Felicity in the limo after he had left the grave, there was no ring on her finger.

They do not look happy.
They do not look happy.

Now either, her ring was being re-sized, or they have definitely broke up. They are not in a good place from the looks of the picture.

Oliver will jump straight into action and attempt to rescue his son from Darhk. During this I think Samantha will try to help as well and will end up sacrificing herself to save William. When this happens, Oliver then blames himself for the whole thing. When he was at the grave with Barry, Oliver mentions that it's now his responsibilty to kill the person who did it. Felicity also tells him to kill the S.O.B during a tense conversation in the limo.

Felicity could be angry she was, 1) Lied to about William even existing and 2) Angry that Oliver's lies have left William with no mother.

I don't believe it will be any of the regular cast in the grave because I think it's too obvious a storyline. Thea is now cured of the bloodlust, so would seem silly to now kill her off. Its not going to be Diggle (as fans would riot) and Laurel will still be around next season. Felicity is in the limo so it's definitely now her.

So who do you think is in the grave? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments.


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