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The world is inundated with lists telling you which romantic films to watch on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure they all have their merits but they aren’t looking out for everybody. I wanted to bring you a wide variety of films in order to give you options. I understand that not everybody watches the same kind of movies so options are always nice.

The following posts features 10 categories and in those categories I’ve given you a main option and a backup in case you don’t like the first recommendation. Hopefully you can find something you will enjoy. There are thousands of romantic films but I wanted to pick the films that ended on an optimistic mood (for the most part). You don’t want to end your night on a depressing (but really well done) moment.

If you are in the mood for…..

A fantastic romance featuring one of the best performances of recent memory

Love & Basketball tells a great romantic story and features one of my favorite performances. Sanaa Lathan is amazing in the movie and you totally buy her as a love interest and successful athlete. It is well worth a watch and I guarantee you will be swept up in the love story.

  • If you aren’t interested: You should check out Bull Durham. It is one of the great romantic sports movies and you can’t go wrong with Susan Surandon and Kevin Costner’s chemistry

An amazing film full of great music and friendship

Once is one of my favorite films and it tells a great story about friendship, love and growing up. It is impossible to not have a smile on your face after watching Once. Also, you will immediately fall in love with the song Falling Slowly.

  • If you aren’t interested: Cameron Crowe hit all the right notes with Almost Famous and I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t be into the fun story and characters.
  • If you really aren’t interested: Beyond the Lights has a solid central romance and Gina Prince-Bythewood also directed Love & Basketball.

A movie about a hockey player falling in love

Goon is not a romantic film but it features one of my favorite cinematic couples. I love Sean William Scott and Allison Pill and when she says “you make me want to stop sleeping with a bunch of guys” you will start clapping.

  • If you aren’t interested: If you are into unconventional love stories you need to watch Punch Drunk Love. Paul Thomas Anderson is brilliant and Adam Sandler has never been better.

A beautiful tale of a father and son finding their way in new relationships

I love Beginners because it does something different in the romance genre. It tells the story of people who finally make a massive decision that will change their lives. However, their beginning comes when they finally hunker down accept who they are or if they should stay in the relationship when things get hard.

  • If you aren’t interested: Check out Amelie because it might be one of the most charming movies you will ever watch. Audrey Tautou is a likable presence and you will be swept up on the whimsy of this French charmer.

A woman being dragged to hell

Drag Me To Hell is the first film my wife and I watched together…….and we are still together. It is a fantastic horror comedy that will have you laughing, cringing and loving life.

  • If you aren’t interested: I never thought Warm Bodies would work. However, Warm Bodies is a nice little thing that has a sense of humor and a fun story.

A sensitive dude and his boombox

Say Anything’s Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court are the greatest cinematic couple of all time. I love that Lloyd is a nice dude who can beat people up and still be sensitive. Diane Court is wonderful too.

  • If you aren’t interested: I’m gonna stay with John Cusack and recommend Serendipity. It is a nice little charmer that features Cusack at his romantic comedy best.

Two people walking and talking

Before Sunrise is the beginning of a beautiful trilogy of films. It is optimistic, well-written and beautifully acted. My wife and I love this film.

  • If you aren’t interested: I’m going to stick with the travel idea and recommend Roman Holiday. It is a classic for a reason.

An insane couple falling in love

True Romance is a bonkers love story that is full of ultra violence and deplorable acts. It is a true cult classic that features fantastic chemistry between Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. You will love this crazy couple.

  • If you aren’t interested: This couple is totally different but you need to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are terrible for each other but the movie is amazing.

Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney at their best

Out of Sight turns up the smolder to 11 and features Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney at their best. Out of Sight is effortless, sexy and cool.

  • If you aren’t interested: Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie have crazy chemistry in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

An absolute classic that never ages

Casablanca is an ageless wonder that defies what a romance should be. It transcends genres and has totally earned its spots on AFI’s 100 passions list.

  • If you aren’t interested: You gotta watch Roman Holiday. It doesn’t’ get any better than Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn hanging out.

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