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In season 3 of Married at First Sight we've been watching all the tense and cute moments three couples, who met as strangers at the alter, have endured. No couple has been without its drama, but some have prospered more than others when it comes to overcoming their trials. With that in mind, let's take a look at each couple and how likely they are to survive!

Tres and Vanessa

Despite each having trust and abandonment issues from being left by their parents as children, Tres and Vanessa seem to be the most committed to making their marriage work. From the start, they had a great connection and attraction, but Vanessa was concerned that his partying ways (that ended just prior to their marriage) meant he wasn't as committed as she was. Tres has had to fight to earn Vanessa's trust and also resist Vanessa controlling who he is; Vanessa has struggled with opening up and trusting Tres with her problems and insecurities. Through it all, Vanessa has said she is more than committed to keeping her marriage with Tres, and Tres has repeatedly said how much he enjoys Vanessa and being her husband. I give this couple an 8/10 chance of success post-show because they have overcome many disagreements and seem genuinely committed to one another.

Neil and Samantha

Neil and Samantha are arguably my favorite couple this season. They got off to a really rocky start because Neil was more passive than Sam liked at first and for a long time was nitpicking his manhood and authenticity. Sam is slowly coming around to liking her quirky spouse and the couple has finally found a house they can share that doesn't include ghosts or Samantha's room mate. Previews next week show Neil dissing Samantha over the phone which I suspect is some sort of editing trick, because his attitude makes no sense after the positive direction the couple were heading last episode. We can only wait and see, but I give this couple about a 7/10 chance of success.

David and Ashley

David and Ashley have been painful to watch from the start. I feel particularly sorry for David who is genuinely invested in Ashley, yet she seems to find any and every excuse to avoid him and any affection he tries to give her. To put it simply, the matchmakers flubbed this matching badly. David is an extroverted, touchy-feely type, and Ashley is an independent introvert who doesn't need attention to thrive. She has repeatedly said that she isn't attracted to David and now appears to be using the fact that David met up with a woman to talk about his relationship with Ashley against him. It's clear she wants out of her marriage and is using his activity as an excuse to make herself look good next to David (her scape-goat) and legitimize a divorce. David has given her everything and received nothing in return, so I give this marriage a 1/10 chance of recovering at this point.


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