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"Deadpool" is directed by Tim Miller and it stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular comic book character. Simply put, the plot is a revenge story in which Wade Wilson takes up the role of a masked vigilante in order to pursue the man who horribly disfigured him in an experiment. The thing that sets this movie apart from all other comic book films is that it's R-rated, the main hero isn't your typical goody two shoes savior, and in true Deadpool fashion, there's plenty of fourth wall breaking, extreme violence, gratuitous language, and balls to the wall action.

Looking back at Deadpool's cinematic history, we've only had one interpretation and that would be 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" in which Ryan Reynolds plays the character, yet they sewed his mouth shut and basically made him look like a chemotherapy patient. Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds is passionate about playing the character correctly, so he pushed for a new take on the character and with this origin story, we have the Deadpool film that actually does the character justice and kicks off 2016's comic book movies with a huge bang.

As I just stated, Ryan Reynolds loves the character of Deadpool and you can absolutely see it in his performance. Reynolds is obviously the only live-action actor we've seen in the role, but I honestly can't think of anyone else who could play the character as well as him. He nails everything from the quips, the action, and the overall spirit of who Deadpool is suppose to be. He's arguably the most comedic superhero alive and I think that Reynolds is a very good comedic actor when given the right material, in this case being the crude and self-referential dialogue that drives home everything about this character. Reynolds was great in this role and I think now we know that the debacle with "X-Men Origins" wasn't his fault.

The rest of the cast was also great in their supporting roles. Morena Baccarin plays the love interest, Vanessa, and she surprisingly worked as a love interest. She's not your typical female romantic partner with all of the cheesy, overdone love cliches thrown in to make her seem believable, but the character herself has good reason for falling in love with Wade Wilson and you understand why it is that they're able to connect with one another. Other supporting roles include a very funny T. J. Miller, a hilarious duo in Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Ed Skrein as the villain, Ajax. As far as Ajax goes, he won't go down as the greatest comic book villain of all time and probably not even the greatest of the Marvel villains, but he exists solely to get the revenge story going and in that regard, he works well for the plot and Skrein did a good job in the role.

Now although this movie is a comic book movie, I wouldn't argue with anyone who also considers "Deadpool" a straight comedy. It works well as an origin story for a superhero, but it works even better in terms of laughs. Throughout a majority of this movie, I was smiling ear to ear at how broad this movie's sense of humor is. It's obviously very meta in its references, referencing other comic book movies and their cliches and misdoings, but also making fun of itself in that it's another comic book movie. There's plenty of fourth-wall breaking gags that are executed perfectly and it's ultimately everything you want in a movie like this. It's not afraid to poke fun at itself, but believe me when I say that pretty much everyone that can be made fun of is going to be made fun of in this movie.

This movie also delivers on pure entertainment factor. Every action scene is completely in your face with the violence, but in a good way. It's actually refreshing to see a movie like this with such an unapologetic style of action in which there's virtually no limits for what Deadpool can do. From the opening scene, you're thrown into a highly entertaining action set piece that's relentlessly exciting and funny and that's how a majority of the movie plays out. Not every scene is action oriented, mind you, but even the non-action scenes work in terms of being entertaining and interesting. There are moments that are funny, yet also parts when the story kicks in and you actually care about the stuff going on with the characters. That's going the extra mile for a Deadpool film and it certainly pays off.

Overall, I loved "Deadpool" and I think it's going to please both fans of the comics and general moviegoers. It's entertaining, the performances are all solid, the action is great, the comedic moments hit their mark, and it's just an all around fun movie-going experience. 2016 has plenty more comic book movies to come and if any of them come even close to being at least as entertaining as "Deadpool", then this is going to be an amazing year for comic book films.

Rating: Better Than Sex!!


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