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I remember when my father first showed me Ghostbusters. My very first reaction to the film: "What the hell is a Neutrona Wand?" However, by the end I was already practicing Sigourney Weaver impersonations, "Are you the Gate Keeper?". For some odd reason, the film just happened to contain the right amount of smart a** wise cracks and Sci-Fi, a requirement of the time, and it took off like a stream-powered space shuttle.

To this day, my father will still make references to the film and all its innate glory. He is also a huge fan of both Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, so when we found out about the reboot, well, you can imagine what his response was.

I personally find the whole idea to be ironic. For one, the majority of the cast is female, except for Chris Hemsworth, and I cannot help but laugh maniacally at the thought of Chris Hemsworth saying, "We got one!". However, the film was immediately met with derision rather than acceptance - which is something I can't tolerate.

Oh dear, an all female reboot of Ghostbusters is being released, time to let out groans of displeasure and disappointment. I mean, really?

  • One, it's just a film.
  • Two, it will bring even more hilarity to the franchise.
  • Three, think of all the young girls who will feel a sense of empowerment and a need to fight ghosts after seeing the film.

Why would anyone have a problem with a film like that? Go team, fight ghosts, save the day and do the thing. What thing? The thing.

Are you afraid of no ghosts?

Are you excited about the new film?


Which new Ghostbuster is YOUR favorite?


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