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Full of power, hope and an astonishing dexterity, Michael "Eddie The Eagle" Edwards was a very unlikely character to emerge as a sporting great following his devastating loss at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Taron Egerton stars alongside Hugh Jackman in Eddie the Eagle, a biopic that's guaranteed to have you laughing and crying at the same time. While the film is not seen as a big-budget blockbuster, it is easily Egerton's best role yet. From beginning to end, Egerton inhabited the role of Eddie Edwards with such passion, he's bound to inspire every single viewer to chase their dream, no matter how impossible it may seem.

1. He Researched And Became The Role

Michael Edwards always had a very loud personality, and his witty sense of humor and fun-loving attitude often got him noticed. From the day he could walk he was determined to compete in the Olympics.

Egerton played the role of Eddie The Eagle perfectly. Every line that he spoke was filled with so much emotion and attitude that it was almost like I was watching real-life Eddie play himself. Egerton captured that trademark wit, which is extremely hard to portray.

2. He Brings Out Emotions

As we all know, chasing a dream is no easy feat, especially when that dream is to be an Olympian.

Egerton ably portrayed a range of emotion, from the devastating feeling of a dream slowly bring crushed, to the thrill of finally overcoming a rough obstacle. The viewer is drawn in by the roller coaster of emotions that the character overcame.

3. His Eagerness To Become The Character

Egerton was apparently impatient to get on set everyday and become Eddie. Although he was hesitant when first approached to play the part — he didn't want to see the on-screen Eddie differ too much from the real-life Eddie — in the end, this is what tipped him to take on the role.

Egerton devoured every single article that he could about the infamous Eddie The Eagle. He felt that if a movie was going to be made to honor the athlete, then he should play the character just like the actual person. If you ask me, I would say he did an amazing job!

4. He Completely Changed Up His Look For The Role

Eddie The Eagle has a very unique look — one that is not easy to transform into. Egerton, a decidedly modern-day classy guy, had to completely alter his appearance for the role of our 1980s antihero.

The transformation included a false mustache, glasses, thicker eyebrows and scruffy hair. Though the daily transformation was pretty drastic and lengthy, it was well worth it in the end.

5. He Brought Star Power Without Being A Household Name

Though Egerton is a new name in the cinema world, audiences have high hopes of his success in Eddie The Eagle after his stellar performance in Kingsman.

Jackman is the one people are looking for in this film because of his name recognition, but after the final credits roll, Egerton is the name that everybody will be saying.

If you thought Egerton's breakout role in Kingsman was good, then you must catch him in Eddie The Eagle, the heartwarming film about chasing dreams.

Make sure you catch 'Eddie The Eagle' in theaters on February 26!


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