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Let me begin by saying this is not exactly a movie review, this is more of my first impressions of a movie that I had the pleasure to check out recently.

Before I saw Eddie the Eagle, I was not aware of this young man's inspiring story. I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I went inside the theater to see this movie. Within five minutes of the film beginning, I was already laughing and grinning from ear to ear. The opening segment alone caused a true, heartwarming feeling inside me, and I instantly knew this was going to be good.

This movie immediately hooked me in, and this was without Hugh Jackman showing up yet! The actor who played Eddie the Eagle (Taron Egerton) has such a charm that it really translates off the screen and into your heart. I felt every smile, laugh and tear that this actor portrayed as Eddie the Eagle and there were times that I felt like coaching Eddie through my screen.

Hugh Jackman plays a great secondary character and even though at times he comes across as a Wolverine on ice, he has a great dynamic with Egerton on screen and added great value to this film. Nothing but absolutely feel good moments from this movie. My favorite part is the montage scene of them training for the Winter Olympics. Nothing but hilarity between the two!

In my opinion, this movie is the new, modern day equivalent of other inspirational stories such as Rudy, and Radio. If you are looking for a good quality movie to watch with the family, this one offers a nice alternative to the current slew of movies out there that might be just a bit too violent for the kiddos, and could inspire them to achieve their own goals.

Check out Eddie the Eagle in theaters February 26th!


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