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Fans far and wide have been excited for Deadpool thanks to the hype and a fantastic marketing campaign. Now we can finally watch the Deadpool solo outing in theaters. Tim Miller has given us something that we as fans have been dreaming about for years and it lives up to the name. The film has even earned a Certified Fresh ranking on web site Rotten Tomatoes. Many are amazed with the sense of humor throughout the film.

Nonetheless, this film never really had a guarantee it would be a box office success for 20th Century Fox, but some projected that Deadpool could set a new opening weekend record for February. Fox is still waiting for the domestic earnings to come in, so right now fans and the studio should feel proud because the film is doing quite well overseas, surpassing the last X-Men film Days of Future Past.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Deadpool earned $12 million from seven international markets during its debut on Wednesday, February 10. It made the most money in England, pulling $3.4 million in U.K. theaters. That is the fifth-highest opening day for an R-rated Marvel title in the country. Deadpool has also earned the second-highest IMAX opening in the territory, behind recent 007 film Spectre.

Too add more good news, Deadpool broke records in Taiwan ($1.4 million), earned the biggest opening for an R-rated film in the Philippines ($357,000), scored the top debut for a superhero movie in Belgium ($270,000), and set a new opening day record for February in Australia ($2.1 million). Let the money keep coming, Deadpool needs all the money it can get.

Considering that the film wasn't even released in 3D and is rated R, it's quite a surprise for Fox that the movie is pulling in money this fast overseasThe film isn’t even being released in China due to explicit content. Having that be announced is a bad sign and sould have a studio worried big time. China is a big deal when it comes to big box office success for Hollywood films because it has become a huge market grab. Thus it's even more important for a movie like Deadpool, with a $58 million budget coming out in February, to bring home the money in other territories since it won't be opening in the lucrative Chinese market.

After this awesome box office news, and more on the way, Deadpool 2 should be closer than ever and Fox is even going ahead on the sequel with the script being developed by the first film's screenwriters. After all these years trying to get the studio to give them the green light, Ryan Reynolds and Director Tim Miller have brought us something that will satisfy hardcore fans and draw in casual fans. Fox has just found its next franchise to join Gambit and X-Men for the future.

Deadpool is now in theaters.



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