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On Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to go see Eddie the Eagle, starring Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton. It is the biopic of Eddie Edwards (Taron Egerton) and his journey to the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Eddie the Eagle is a feel-good family movie that is awe-inspiring and motivational as we follow Eddie as his journey. Eddie goes through struggles of walking problems as a child to an awkward-quirky adult determined to compete in the Winter Olympics as the only British contestant. With the help of a rebellious mentor and friend, Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackson), he captures the entire world with his charm and endearing determination to prove the British Olympic Association that an underdog can triumph amongst the best Olympians.

This movie had it's moments of small laughter and feel-good moments; Egerton and Jackman make a great duo in the comedy moments of the film but they make a great team when it comes to the relationship between teacher and student, almost like Mr. Miyagi and Daniel from The Karate Kid. Jackman's character teaches Egerton the ways of ski-jumping and how to handle the challenges that it may bring. Egerton stole the film with his endearment and quirky personality, bringing almost a child-like persona to Eddie; drinking milk whenever Jackman was taking shots. Egerton made Eddie feel relatable and lovable while you sat through the movie. He brings Eddie to life by showing his determination and not once did he stop believing himself in worst situations.

Egerton wasn't the only that had an impact on the audience, Jackman's character, Bronson Peary was once the praised champion that every Olympic team wished for but he was rebellious and did not care for the sport and that is what lead to his downfall. Comes along Eddie, Bronson is reluctant in trying to help him ski-jump but once he notices the determination, he couches Eddie throughout the film. Again, Jackman and Egerton worked with great chemistry together in each scene they had with each other. Jackman, to me acted as the big brother or the mentor that you would turn too for advice even when they give up on you, you still turn to them for advice or support.

All in all, I give Eddie the Eagle has my seal of approval. I would definitely take family or even friends to see this film if everyone wants a little bit of feel-good and comedy. The film is inspiring and motivational from the moment Eddie learns to ski-jumps and his endearing personality will leave you at the edge of your seat when he tries to master each jump proving the entire world, underdogs can triumph amongst the best in the world.

Eddie the Eagle is out in theaters on Feb. 26. Starring Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, and Christopher Walken


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