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With this movie, Marvel proves they have material to make smart and savvy movies, even though they usually don't.

1. The opening credits of this movie may be my favorite opening credits scene ever. Not only does it set the mood, it's refreshingly honest.

2. This is NOT a superhero movie, no matter what you're thinking. Nobody saves the world here. Nobody wants to.

3. It's about a ex-special forces soldier named Wade who is now an underworld mercenary. He finds a screwed-up girlfriend and they have lots of kinky sex. When he discovers he has cancer, he accepts a shady offer from a weirdo who says he can help.

4. The movie is set in the X-Men universe, and it's Wade's hidden mutant genes that trigger the changes that Wade both hopes and fears.

5. The movie is full of swearing and raunchy, smart-ass humor. And it's like a pop culture quiz show - almost every other thing Wade says is a reference to something else. There are some interesting meta-moments, like breaking the fourth wall inside of breaking the fourth wall. And Reynolds even refers to himself (the actor) as being successful in Hollywood because of his looks, not his acting skills.

6. Behind the humor, however, this movie has a sad and sadistic heart. The funny and snarky comments that Wade makes really are a defense that cover some deeper pain. It's pretty violent for a Marvel comic book movie.

7. Most of the performances in the movie aren't bad, but they're your basic, generic characters that don't really get fleshed out. The movie is all about Ryan Reynolds. It stands or falls on him. Luckily for us, he was made to play this role.

8. The scene after the end of the credits is hilarious. Only about half the audience got the reference, but those that did were clapping. No, I'm not going to say or show you anything about it.

9. This is a relatively cynical, dark, violent flick. People that like to see superheroes as idealized, sanitized, kiddie versions of humanity need to stick with Captain America or The Avengers. The rest of us, the ones that know the world is just a series of trainwrecks... well, Deadpool is our guy.

Note: This is the Red-Band trailer for the movie. So it's NSFW.

What did you think? Was this movie a good decision by Marvel, or will it ruin its family-friendly reputation? Let us know below!


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