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Who really is Zoom in The Flash? The original Zoom was supposed to be Eobard Thawne. However, thanks to the first season of The Flash, he is only known as the Reverse Flash. This means that the actual Zoom, the person destined to be Barry's eternal arch-nemesis, could be anyone. Yes, there is a Zoom on the show now, but whether this is THE Zoom is unclear. In the comics, there are many different Zooms as well as Reverse Flashes, so I shall be pulling information from that as well as the show.

For one, it's clearly someone from Earth 2. That we know. This also means that Zoom could potentially be a character that's already been introduced, but he would be their Earth 2 doppelgänger. However, there is also the possibility that Zoom is actually from another universe other than Earth 2 as is evident by his sudden appearance in Earth 2's history. As of so far, my guesses as to who he really is include and are slightly limited to:

  • Hunter Zolomon of Earth 1 (2nd theory)
  • Henry Allen of Earth 2 (1st theory)
  • Henry Allen of Earth 1 (2nd theory)
  • A third party character who is yet to be introduced from Earth 2 (1st theory)
  • Eddie Thawne of Earth 1 (2nd theory)

Lets take a look at each of these suspects to determine how likely it is that each of them could be Zoom.

1. Hunter Zolomon of Earth 1

Hunter Zolomon
Hunter Zolomon

This idea follows my second theory that Zoom is someone from an Earth other than Earth 2. In this case, it would be Hunter Zolomon of Earth 1, who was recently introduced as Jay Garrick's Earth 1 doppelgänger. Of course, there are the major pauses for concern. Obviously, this theory is a bit of a stretch, but there is certain evidence to confirm it. For instance, in the comics Jay Garrick has his own Reverse Flash known as the Rival Flash. This antagonist is completely identical to Jay in every detail. The only difference is a mask he wears that covers everything except his eyes. Other than that, the two are a perfect set of good and evil twins.

Jay Garrick and Rival Flash
Jay Garrick and Rival Flash

The reason I believe this would work is because actor Teddy Sears portrays both Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon. Jay Garrick has a very similar height and build to Zoom, so it is easy for me to imagine Zolomon and Zoom being revealed to be the same person. I would also hypothesize that, at some point before the singularity, Hunter Zolomon found a way to travel to Earth 2 where he decided to become Zoom after learning of his doppelgänger. I think he would become jealous if another version of himself also had speed powers. This would result in his transformation into Zoom.

2. Henry Allen of Earth 2/Earth 1

Henry Allen
Henry Allen

This one I have suspected since Zoom's introduction at the beginning of season 2. This time, not only are both Zoom and Henry the same in build and height, but eye color as well. I also believe that there is a possibility that Zoom may not be Henry of Earth 2 but actually Earth 1. In Earth 1, Henry decided to go out on his own after being released from prison. This has caused details of what he's been up to slightly unknown. Perhaps the real reason he's been gone so much lately is not because he's taking some alone time, but because he is literally gone. He's in Earth 2.

Henry Allen and Zoom
Henry Allen and Zoom

However, the majority of this theory is that Zoom is not Henry of E1, but he is the Henry of E2. I just happen to consider the possibility of Henry (E1) being zoom because of the character's lack of presence lately, but really my main focus is on Earth 2 Henry. From very early on I have had the thought that Zoom is Henry mainly out of a theory that Zoom is an Earth 2 version of an already established character. Earth 2 Barry's parents are yet to be introduced to the show, except for his mother whose voice was heard via phone, so there is another level of mystery to him. However, nothing is for certain.

3. Third Party from Earth 2

Jerry McGee
Jerry McGee

Now, there's also the possibility that Zoom is a third person/party that is yet to be introduced to the show. For instance, Zoom could be someone like Jerry McGee aka Speed Demon. However, this is slightly unlikely as Zoom's is more in control of his speed than Jerry who was clumsy upon first getting his powers. There is one possible similarity however, this being the Velocity drug. McGee uses a specialized hormone drug to give himself speed powers. This could also be the case with Zoom. The first actual hint of this exists in Zoom's blue lightning. It is unlike other speedsters' lightning, who so far only have yellow or red lightning. This could basically suggest that Zoom's speed come from another source other than the Speed Force, such as the Velocity drug.

The drug no doubt would be slowly sapping him of any natural speed he might already have, so he must steal the speed of others in order to maintain his powers. Now he must steal the best possible speed from the best possible speedster...

4. Eddie Thawne of Earth 1

Eddie Thawne as Zoom (also fan art)
Eddie Thawne as Zoom (also fan art)

Please don't try to kill me for this theory, but there's some pretty potent evidence to support it. For example, Eddie's body was sucked into the singularity to an unknown destination. In all possibility, he could have been taken somewhere with more advanced medical equipment that could have saved him, so even if Eddie is not Zoom, that's also a plausible theory. However, he also could have been mutated or empowered by the singularity he was sucked into. Another curious trait is that both the singularity and Zoom's speed are blue. This could suggest that his power comes from the rifts in the fabric of space time itself. This would also suggest that the real reason he wants to kill all the other speedsters is not just to be the only speedster left alive, but that he also wants to be the only speedster left able to access the rifts. This would ensure that the rifts could never be potentially closed by any other speedster, and his source of power would continue to remain accessible.

If Eddie were somehow Zoom, it would make sense he would begin hunting down other speedsters as the reason he was sent to Earth 2 was because of a speedster so in the end, Eddie would be seeking revenge.

I personally believe that Zoom is at least a variation of Henry Allen. The body figure is the most similar between them as well as the eyes being the same color. It would also provide a twist ending that would most definitely throw Barry off of his game. There are however, the other choices of Hunter Zolomon, a third person like Jerry McGee, or Eddie Thawne respectively. Whoever Zoom is, it's clear that his identity will cause a major surprise that will bring forth new conflicts and seasonal cliffhangers. Okay. Dear God, I hope we find out soon.

Who do you think Zoom really is?

Someone here? Someone else?

You don't actually care? Shame.


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