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Seeing this last night with my girl for Valentine's Day (Yes we are that kind of couple) and laughing from frame to frame was one of the most fun nights of the year. The film's ultra-violent & powerful comical scenes were just insane beyond belief. Its a total NSFW movie but overall one of the most fun origin stories to date.

I have had a soft spot for Ryan Reynolds since being in Van Wilder and showing his action/comical side in Blade: Trinity was just a treat in itself. This was by far the perfect role for him. Deadpool to him is like Jack Sparrow To Johnny Depp or Sean Connery To James Bond, he is that perfect. As you will see throughout the movie he breaks the 4th wall plenty of times and makes them look so funny and out there. Despite what happens to him, his humor is a major plus and the many pop culture references displayed are nothing short of crazy and laugh out loud.

As a Superhero & Comic Book Film fan I always enjoy a good laugh with great action (Fantastic Four in 2004 Doesn't count) and I try to be sympathetic to other films but this by far made me laugh so hard I thought I'd die. This was as if Quintin Tarentino made a Superhero Movie at its finest and every character displayed their role well. Not sure about the little girl X-Men with Colossus but overall not bad. Even the damn "love scene" was hilarious. Is it a little too violent for most people? Hell Yes, you would need to throw narrow minded humor out the window just to even get through 5 minutes of this flick.

This isn't a typical Comic Book film that is either dark or light; it literally throws in many offensive elements and vulgarity & not only is un-apologetic about it but shoves it right up there and twists. It wasn't afraid to really push the envelope and it was either going to do one of two things, make you laugh until you couldn't take it or you walked out the theater in under 10 min. Deadpool connected with the audience with his personality and bad ass humor despite looking like a Split Hot Dog w/ dirty ketchup for a face plus he just flat out doesn't care what anyone thinks and has his own morals and lives by his own rules & that's inspiring to me.

Superhero Movies may be all the rage these days but this year it'll be the pinnacle of that rage and Deadpool kicked it off with a bang (both literally and figuratively in a 2 hour span). The jokes kept on rolling and they were flying faster than his bullets and his swords. There was no holding back and that takes balls. Every scene was either funny or action-packed with a little drama and a weird ass 80's song that either someone wouldn't want to remember or was favorited. Both a love and horror story with a touch of grabbing you by the lemons and only letting go if he wanted to. Even the combat fighting was off the chain and the way he just sucked you into his world just made him all that much more bad ass. I believe he grows on people; take away the vulgar shmuck routine and the swords/guns and you got a rare guy that is not only charming and witty but full of charisma and sarcasm that it'll take more than the average person just to be around him.

Having it be Rated R was beyond that kind of rating but in the end, I enjoyed it and when you have practically every single member in the theater laughing, you got something there. It was fun, full of everything an action junkie could want and has possibly the most sarcastic hero in Comic Book lore. The movie delivered more than the hype and just took you on a ride that you felt couldn't end. Go see it and partake in some amazing CGI and action plus a mouth only a mother could love. And check out the Post-Credits

My rating 9.5/10


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