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Hail, Caesar! Review

The Coen Brothers have a wide range in their filmography but of the films I have seen by them, you can always tell when you are watching one of their films. Similar to how one can always tell when they are watching a Tarantino Film.

So Hail, Caesar! is a film that takes place in 1950's Hollywood. Capitol Pictures is in production of one of its biggest films of all time, when its star is suddenly kidnapped. It is up to the head of the production company to find him.

The movie itself is more like an over exaggerated example of how 1950's Hollywood was like, ranging from strong executive producers of big production companies. To gossip columnists, to McCarthyism and communism and other classic Hollywood Ideas. If I were to describe this movie, it would be a cross between the types of films that you would have seen in the 1950's like Singing In the Rain and Noir Films from the same era like The Maltese Falcon. The movie doesn't really go anywhere, it is rather stationary as a film and even has a strange ending.

The film stars Josh Brolin as Ed Mannix, George Clooney as Baird Whitlock, Alden Ehrenreich as Hobie Doyle, Ralph Fiennes as Laurence Larurentz, Scarlett Johansson as DeeAnna Moran, Channing Tatum as Burt Gurney, Tilda Swinton as Thora and Thessaly Thacker, and Jonah Hill as Joseph Silverman.

The film is kind of strange but enjoyable to watch especially if you enjoy some of classic Hollywood films like Singing in the Rain, and The Maltese Falcon. It gets a score of 6.5 out of 10 mostly due to Josh Brolin's performance.


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