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Love. Fate. Destiny. These three words play throughout this romantic classic Sleepless in Seattle. Whether you're single or finding a good movie to watch with your loved one for Valentine's, this movie is the way to go.

Why you may ask?

Well, there are many reasons to go around.

1) It stars Tom Hanks.

You got to admit: Tom Hanks is one of the best and most beloved Hollywood actors in the world. When you see him on screen, you just know that the movie is going to be good. In this movie, Tom Hanks plays the role of Sam Baldwin, an architect who becomes heavy-hearted by the lost of his wife. Throughout this movie, we see that he turns from a man who is skeptical of loving again to a man who falls head over heels over our other main character Annie Reed. Tom Hanks is able to balance Sam's character as a loving, responsible father and a funny guy that any girl would want to fall for.

2) It stars Meg Ryan.

Clearly we can see that Meg Ryan displays a youthful Annie Reed who is full of character and charms. Annie Reed plays the typical girl who becomes indecisive on choosing between two men. Although she is engaged to high-maintenance-and-allergic-to-everything Walter, she cannot help falling in love with the voice over the radio that belongs to Samuel. In this movie, it is seemingly possible that all women can relate to what Annie goes through--the struggles to try to impress a man and to find out if he really is Mr. Right.

3) Jonah Baldwin, son of Samuel Baldwin and played by Ross Malinger, plays the wing man.

This eight-year-old boy has nothing to hide. He knows that his father has been hit hard from the death of his mother. But guess what? He does not mope around. Instead, he decides to call up a radio show during Christmas to pretty much hook up his dad with a woman. What a true bro right? Not only that, he wants to make sure that his father was getting the right girl suitable for him and not some lady with a horrible hyena laugh. Overall, Jonah is an adorable kid that would make you wish you had a son just like him.

4) The movie makes references to two amazing romantic classics.

Director Nora Ephron deserves a pat on the back for using two of the best romantic classics in Hollywood: Casablanca and An Affair to Remember. Starting off with our Casablanca movie references, the first few minutes in the movie introduces Casablanca's famous song As Time Goes By, a song that only became popular because of Casablanca's movie release. Those who were swept away by the love story between Richard Blaine and Ilsa Lazlo would never be able to forget the song that meant so much to them. To include, Richard Blaine's famous quote is partly mentioned in one of the scenes, which I'll save for you to watch yourself. ;) As for An Affair to Remember references, this movie worships Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr's legacy as if they were the Prophets of Love. From the Empire State Building to staying on top of the movie's quotes, Sleepless in Seattle is a creative reference in general to An Affair to Remember.

5) The portrayal of typical men versus typical women.

This is what makes this movie a lovable, romantic comedy. It all comes down to observing how men and women react to chick flicks. All the ladies in the movie seem to swoon and shed tears over An Affair to Remember whereas the men stare baffled at women's emotions. This movie is so great because it is so relatable to everyone!

6) The movie tries to reason what makes people fall in love.

The script is beautifully written to make us all fall in love with the idea of love. There are many quotes that will make you swoon so be prepared. Others will make you chuckle that will warm your heart. Whether you believe that love is scientifically based on hormones or if it all falls in place because of fate, this movie may make you question what love is.

So are you ready for the time of your life? Well, grab a pillow, throw a blanket over, get some tissues ready, and turn this movie on!

This is some magic that you certainly don't want to miss or else your winter will become cold without warm memories like these.


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