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Happy singles awareness day!

Face it, we've all been in the situation of being single on the day the world celebrates being in love. But don't fear! There are plenty of opportunities for those of us lacking in the relationship department to still have a good weekend. One of those ways is for us to kick back, own those sweatpants, and have a movie marathon.

Here are five great movies for us to celebrate what great people we are despite being alone. Being alone isn't all bad and there is still a lot to be learned from the single life. So grab that popcorn and chocolate, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy the night in.

5. (500) Days of Summer

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We are warned at the very beginning of this tale; this is not a love story. With that in mind, if you're single on Valentine's Day then your life isn't currently a love story either. By now you've recognized that life isn't always a happy ending and in this story, Tom and Summer realize the same thing. But just because you're not living a life of constant love doesn't mean you can't still smile.

4. Clueless

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Similar to what most people tell singles when an abundance of love is in the air, it is true that happiness stems from within. Clueless is a great story that makes us laugh and see the development of a group of teenagers as they get to know themselves and find happiness. It might not always be with what or whom we want or expect, but it sure is sweet when we manage to finally find it.

3. Legally Blonde

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If you've recently, or ever, been dumped then you'll be able to relate to Elle Woods' struggle to win her man back. She even goes as far to follow him to Harvard Law School, but she finds that life and happiness is about more than having what you thought was your life. The biggest lesson to take from Legally Blonde is even if you're single, own it and don't underestimate yourself.

2. Cruel Intentions

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Cruel Intentions is one of those movies you loved sneaking around to watch back in middle school. Even if you're watching just for a trip down memory lane, you can rest assured that even though you're single you can't be nearly as horrible as the characters in this movie. That is unless you're overly sex-crazed and willing to play some pretty rotten games to prove a point.

1. Heathers

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JD is that bad boy we all secretly want to have for our own on Valentine's Day, but unfortunately we don't go to Westerburg High School. In the bigger scheme of things, Heathers is a classic mean girls tale that is about carving out your own identity. We all have made mistakes in the past, whether it's in relationships or not. But hey! So has Veronica Sawyer and she manages to pull through. If she can do it, so can you.


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