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Whether or not you are a fan of this style of humour is one thing, but this film as a whole, is fan-freaking-tastic. In easily the best R-Rated superhero film ever made, "Deadpool" follows Wade Wilson, a merc with a huge mouth. After falling in love with a stripper, he begins to find his place in life, just before realizing he has cancer. Promised a better life, he goes through a super-syrum transformation that ultimately destroys his entire physical appearance. From there, we find him hunting down the man who did this to him, who also happens to have kidnapped his girl.

This film is bat-shit-crazy in every sense of the phrase. Mile-a-minute chuckles, bloody and awesome action sequences, a terrific portrayal of the title character by Ryan Reynolds, and a surprisingly emotional core that you really do find yourself caring about by the conclusion. For a "Deadpool" film, this picture is everything and more than you could have asked for. Fourth wall jokes may come too often for some viewers, and the knocks at previous films may be a little too on the nose (which could possibly date the references), but in the end, this film is a blast from start to finish.

The structure of this film has action sequences immediately followed by a dark backstory, which worked very well for this particular story. This screenplay could have easily become too full of itself and get muddled in the pity of self-referential jokes, but thankfully this accomplishes the exact opposite of that. "Deadpool" is definitely one of the best Marvel films to date, and like I said, "easily the best R-Rated superhero film ever made." It is most certainly not for kids and even adults may be offended, but that is the point. This film is terrific!


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