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Hi guys I am quite new to writing but I will try to post whenever I can
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Well hi guys ! This is my first ever article that I am writing on Moviepilot after reading this website for so many years. So I would enjoy some feedback about my writing and how it can be improved ! All kind of feedback are welcomed and I do hope that you enjoy this article that I am writing.

So what kind of impact do superheroes have on popular culture ? To do this , we need to first understand what a superhero is . If asked by someone " What is a superhero ? " the popular answer would be " A superhero is someone with cool powers like superman ! " which is not wrong . But we all know that in this real world there are no superheroes but only heroes.

You have probably heard of the famous phrase " Not all heroes wear capes " . The way I interpret this is that anybody can be a hero just whether you have the courage and strength to do the right thing . You see stuff like Superman or Spider-man rushing into burning buildings and saving that child or trying to put out the fire in comics , TV shows or movies . Usually people think that this only happens in comics but in reality there are many people such as Fire-fighters and passer-bys(?) who would rush into these blazing buildings to put out these fires or at least attempt to save those trapped in the building.

Now back to the original topic " How do superheroes have an impact on pop culture ? " . Let us use the X-men as a starting point . Created in the 1960s by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and the I quote the rolling stones on why they were created

" In creating characters who faced prejudice because of inborn differences, Lee baked in an effectively malleable metaphor. "The main objective was to show that bigotry is a terrible thing,"

I believe that they wanted to use their comics to show that prejudice was wrong and that we shouldn't discriminate others just because they were born different from the rest of us . I believe that other heroes such as Superman , Batman ,Green Lantern were all created to display themselves as better than us but the power did not corrupt them ( except maybe on a few occasions ) and that they are a symbol to remind us to do good and help others

There are many more ways that superheroes have had an impact on pop culture but that's all from me for now. Do remember to leave some feedback so that I can improve on my writing and I do hope to be able to post more often :-D Thanks for reading !


Do you think that superheroes have made an impact on pop culture over the years ?


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