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Studio Mogura

It's simple.

I want the film rights to revert back to Marvel.

Nothing against Ryan Reynolds. I'm sure he's a cool guy and props to him for having an iron grip on the the film for all this time but I'd rather still let Marvel Studios cast Deadpool.

Daredevil showed us Marvel Studios can handle mature content and whose to say a Deadpool in their hands would not be a Netflix series instead of a film? What many clamoring for an R rated film fail to see is that Marvel Comics is targeted mainly for 18 & under before it is for 18 & up. It's just a lot of us 18 & up that grew up with these characters now want to see them in more adult situations but that's not what brings in the money. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has to be accessible for everyone, not just the rated R crowd. A Marvel Deadpool movie would be PG-13 but on Netflix they could use Deadpool with darker content .

Remember what just happened with Fantastic Four? Well there is a reason we did that people. It was us fans telling studio executives that we don't want what they've been giving us. We want Marvel Studios handling Marvel characters. Not Fox. Look this isn't an attack on Fox Studios as a whole. They make great films and Fox Animation is the pinnacle of prime time animation. We thank them for helping usher in the superhero film age when they brought X-Men to the screens. I was there opening night alongside all of you in awe. But that all changed when Marvel released Iron Man. Now we ask them to step aside and let the Masters work their magic.

When Avengers broke a billion dollars gross it should have been clear to everyone that it was time to stand up to those other studios that still held on the film rights of other Marvel characters, and give up the rights entirely or share it with Marvel. It is why Amazing Spider-Man bombed and the rights are now being shared with Marvel for Civil War and beyond and it's the reason you have Daredevil on Netflix and eventually Punisher and Ghost Rider.

This Deadpool movie could be the greatest movie ever. It could be an Oscar winner. But there's one thing it won't be and that's a true Marvel Cinematic Universe film. It's only an interpretation of a Marvel film and I'd rather save my money for the genuine article. Marvel will outlast us all. Do you really want to keep preventing them from showing you a full cinematic universe in your lifetime? I don't.


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