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Michael Miller

I am a fan of both compaines, but it makes me angry when hardcore DC fanatics say "Marvel is for kids, and DC is so dark." Marvel, unlike DC has a transparent universe, where their TV characters are in the same continuum, as their movie characters, where as DC's Flarrowverse is set in a complete different universe, than their movies. In doing so, they make family oriented movies, while their dark and gritty side is alive and well, on Netflix. I challenge anyone to find a piece of cinema or TV that DC has produced, that is any "darker" than Daredevil or Jessica Jones. Furthermore, most of the "darkness" that these fans speak of, at least up until now, has come from Batman, bwcause thus far, he is the only character they have, who has enjoyed huge commercial success. Marvel has actually made a brilliant play, by keeping their movies fit for children, and making their more adult content for Netflix. By doing this, they have a way to satisfy both audiences. What Marvel has done is brilliant, and that is why they have a multi billion dollar movie Industry, and to date DC has a lot of catching up to do.


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