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Some critic/early reviewer at ios9 said it was the first disturbing episode they watched simply because the violence and gore was there (of course I'm paraphrasing) just to say "yeah we will go there", in his words (sorta) ["betcha didn't think we'd do that did ya??"] which I can only assume is in regard to the kid who deserves to die (I would make Shane proud by chucking that little bastard like a cam newton fumbled football at the walkers as fast as I could side step and watch him slip by as if I could save him, and I hated Shane long before there was reason to...) or perhaps other beloved characters bite it for ["dumb reasons"] and it's there for the sake of just being there, not integral with any context or of the arc but just to be bloody, gorey, shocking.

Personally, I'm done with the show because I'm tired of five sentence throwback interchanges then commercials. This season marks the first time since I began watching in season 1 -after missing the first episode then going back and watching it as quickly as as I was done ep2- and I've waited instead to watch this season's episodes without the commercials later and miss Talking Dead which is something I've thoroughly enjoyed and watched disciple level martyr like and enthusiastically awaited Chris Hardwick's sometimes subtle snarky snap backs but geek enthralled curiosity and glee. It is this approach though that I've resorted to because I know when I'm being duped by AMC executives or anyone with a television megahit who think I'm going to sit around like 35million other people indulging in their bloated cash cow only to see Norman Reedus' character be killed off anyhow at some point (probably sooner than never) which is the only reason the show worked for me in the first place (even with the other fine actors and actresses and some terrific scenes- I will say 3 that are pillars of the show, and terrific work by most of the writing staff and Greg Nicotero writing/directing) and leave me even more bitter than I already am so better to walk now and keep my energy focused on my own dismal life, ramblings of hope and hopelessness in my own projects that are eternities unto themselves, then stick around for another round of "You'll never guess who dies next like Beth" because it's gotten old and it feels like they're going to go Vorhees with this shit and I'm done with it. There was another megahit AMC had that had the good sense to call it (and thus set an example for just about every other series now it seems) and they were done at season 5. You figure it out. In the meantime, just stfu and let me die in peace.


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