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I am a Box Office analyzer. Not a Professional one but a Better one.

Last year people ( especially woman) flocked to watch Universal's Fifty Shades Of Grey and making it the biggest February opening of all time with a $30.3 million Friday and $93 million four day holiday weekend. This year, Deadpool is whipping Mr. Grey's February records with $41 million+ ( that includes $12.7 million in Thursday previews).

Deadpool, spanked Fifty Shades' figures by 37% and is on course to make a record breaking 3-day of $102.5M and 4-day of $115M+. Deadpool is proving to be a big victory than expected for Reynolds and Fox.

Fox has plenty of bragging rights this weekend: In addition to Deadpool, DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 3 is also poised to cross $100M by Monday. It’s not even the end of February and the Fox lot has racked up three $100M-plus hits in addition to The Revenant.

Deadpool has a fresh rating '84%' at Rotten Tomatoes.

*Source: hollywood reporter and Deadline


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