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The Super Bowl is one television gem that can grab an audience. Last year 114 million viewers tuned into the Super Bowl, and it became the most watched program in the history of television. There’s no doubt that this year’s football showdown brought many audiences once again. Various companies consistently bring out 30 or more seconds ads to eager viewers to give in to their product. For movie studios, they bring out 2 or 3 min teasers trailers for movies audiences are looking forward to that year.

2016 is looking to be a great year in film, and this year the film trailers that were shown during Super Bowl 50 were some of the best to be shown at any television event. This year trailers may be a little less than the previous year with 2015 being 16 and this year 12 but the number shown this year was quite great to say the least. But here are my top 8 Super Bowl 50 trailers.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Release Date: 03.11.16

In this trailer we are quickly rushed in this car crash, we see radiation containment suits, and John Goodman’s character.This all creates many more questions in the mind of the audience. How connected is this film to 2008’s Cloverfield? Well after that roar from a big monster out there in the trailer,t looks like it's quite connected. The final shot of the trailer was great and is what landed it on this list.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Release Date: 06.03.16

Although the first film didn’t live up to it's promise, by looking at this trailer to the upcoming 2nd installment you can’t not be impressed. This movie is doing it all by being colorful and funny and you can’t help but be impressed by the marketing so far. This is the second time we see new footage and we’re already seeing the Turtles on rocket powered skateboards, Turtles skydiving, and a first look at the Turtles facing off against the film's villain Krang. The film could be an awful mess when it releases this summer, but for now let’s all enjoy these cool and goofy scenes while they last.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Release Date: 06.24.16

The trailer starts off pretty strong with a sporting event, and the song “The Star-Spangled Banner“ playing dramatically in the background. Everything looks just fine until a wave of alien fighters flying above, shooting everywhere with their laser blasts. The sudden transition is great because it shows that the aliens would attack anywhere at any time. This trailer does just a few things right in its little time shown but the one that stands out, and is different than the trailers on this list is that this one stays with one sequence, as we see a city being wiped away then then turning upside down.This is the right trailer to show to a wide audience to remind them that this is a sequel to a movie that came out 20 years ago.

Jungle Book

Release Date: 04.15.16

Now this trailer wasn't your standard 30 second commercial, but rather came in at a lengthy 2 minutes.This full length trailer does a lot of things showing the comedic and dramatic moments throughout the film. This trailer convinces audiences across America that Hollywood can do a live action remake to the 1967 animated film. This trailer brings audiences on an incredible journey with Mowgli (Neel Setehi). Disney is making a huge effort with these Super Bowl ads to try to make this film an unforgettable hit. This trailer took was longer than the rest but it was worth viewing. Let’s see if it can grab audiences on April 15th.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Release Date: 05.27.16

This X-Men trailer doesn’t really show as much so that is a disappointment to fans, but the certain shots being shown including Earth being destroyed are scary as well as amazing. We get these beautiful shots and glimpses of characters, especially the new ones using their powers. There is a slight change to Apocalypse’s voice, but nothing to go crazy about. What this trailer does best is show how huge this storyline will be, and how high the stakes will be as well. Fox might just be delivering another successful X-Men film in May.

Jason Bourne

Release date: 07.29.16

This first trailer provides more of an atmospheric look into the fifth Bourne film instead of any plot details. This certainty doesn’t hurt the trailer, this is only the first look at the new film. We have been wondering what type of Matt Damon Bourne film would look like and by the look of this trailer, it is what looks to be another great film by Damon and Greengrass. Jason Bourne is free and has gained all of his memories back but his time running isn’t over. The film might be going away from the books this time around. The official name of the film was finally announced as well. It’s just great to have Jason Bourne as well as Matt Damon kicking ass! Just look at the last part of that trailer!


Now In Theaters

Showing off Deadpool during Super Bowl 50 was a no brainer. Its marketing campaign is off the charts, and putting him in one TV spot during the biggest sporting event of the year is straight up perfect. Deadpool stating the true reason behind his super-athlete dreams at the start of the trailer is just pure genius. There is more humor, action, and fourth wall breaks which are all awesome. The best part is Deadpool doing the best fourth wall break of all the marketing so far when he stares into the camera and says that he will see America this weekend. This is the perfect Super Bowl ad to a movie that is coming out five days later!

Captain America: Civil War

Release date: 05.06.16

Here we are, the trailer of the night: Captain America: Civil War. This trailer’s success is because it’s Marvel having familiar heroes battle it out and showing how much this universe and it's heroes have grown in real time. From the single images, the loud chants throughout, to Cap and Winter Solider lining up in formation to attack Iron Man, it's epic. And the most shocking part the trailer is Winter Solider not even hesitating, trying to shoot Tony Stark point-blank in the face! Two minutes, two minutes is all Marvel needs to intrigue America and they are the best at doing just that.


Which Super Bowl 50 Movie Trailer Did You Enjoy the Most?


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