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Mark Varley

I'm not quite sure where to start with Eli Roth. He's like an excitable school boy who has found a camera and suddenly felt he can make movies just like the ones he used to watch but without any redeemable talent.

The Green Inferno is his homage/remake/fanboy tribute to Ruggero Diadato's controversial and still to this day highly disturbing Cannibal Holocaust. Roth chooses to ignore the former's appetite for real animal slaughter which isn't just commendable but rather straight up common sense. A shame really as I'd tell you to watch Cannibal Holocaust instead of Green Inferno's limp rendition of tribal brutality if Ruggero hadn't filmed such abhorrent treatment of animals.

While containing one extremely violent and disturbing death scene early on, Roth fails to keep the intensity going for the duration. After said death there's a curious lack of pace and an overall ugly visual style that doesn't bring life to the Amazon rainforest. It could have been shot in my local park. Equally irritating is his wildly misjudged attempts at humour. One scene involving masturbation seemed desperate rather than funny.

Eli Roth's characters all represent social media do-gooders and are at once annoying and obnoxious. This is intentional and as close to satire as Green Inferno gets when the blood isn't flowing. I didn't care for whatever his intentions were anyway, I was just bored by the whole thing.

The Green Inferno is out now in selected cinemas and on DVD 22 February.


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