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AMC's The Walking Dead is well-known for leaving its viewers on cliffhangers, and the midseason finale of Season 6 was no exception. With nearly every character in mortal danger and their home in ruins, we have a lot of questions for Sunday's episode.

With The Walking Dead's reputation for dancing around a character's fate (Glenn), we can assume that we won't see what happens to all of the characters. Most likely we'll see what's happening to Rick and his small group, but it's less likely we'll find out Daryl, Sasha and Abraham's fate. The second half of the season is set to introduce Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), one of the biggest antagonists from the comic books, and since fans know he's coming, they'll likely draw out his introduction.

Regardless, we can all look forward to seeing a new badass villain in the second half of this season.

A still of Negan from "The Walking Dead" comic.
A still of Negan from "The Walking Dead" comic.

Hopefully in this half of the season, Glenn's safety will finally be confirmed. After a devastating six weeks of wondering whether he was dead or alive, he was immediately thrown back into crisis, along with the rest of the characters. Thankfully, he's not in immediate danger, but for the sake of Maggie and her unborn baby, we all want Glenn to be safe.

One thing we can certainly expect is a lot of walkers. Perhaps not as many as there is in the season opening "First Time Again," but certainly many, with Alexandria being overrun. Along with this, it's safe to assume we'll be treated to some amazingly resourceful and gory walker kills.

The episode will probably focus on Rick's small group, pulling the same stunt that Rick and Glenn pulled in Season 1. This seems very dangerous, but they're doing it for the safety of their people. It seems unlikely that the writers will allow all the characters to make it through this unscathed, however. It's very possible that one or more of the group won't make it.

Poster for the second half of Season 6.
Poster for the second half of Season 6.

Personally, I really want to find out what happens to Denise. The end of the midseason finale showed her getting taken hostage by one of the Wolves. Although Denise is a relatively new character, the budding romance with her and Tara is interesting and I appreciate her diversity.

Perhaps we'll find out what's going to happen to Maggie, surrounded by walkers up on the guard tower. Although it seems unlikely that she'll die, The Walking Dead has thrown us plenty of twists before, and so no character is completely safe.

It seems like the premiere won't be able to show the resolution of all characters put in danger, so we should just hope that our favorites are safe and wait to see.


Who's safety do you most want to see confirmed in the premiere?


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