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When the captain america civil war tv spot aired on the superbowl a million people cried with glee (at least I did) but by the end most people were mad or sad because there was no spiderman... But thats what they thought rewatch the trailer to see if you spotted him (99.999999% of people wont)

Did You go watch it well look at this scene

Do you see it well look at his shoulder (iron mans) if you dont see it ill point it out scroll down the page

Those are two glowing eyes in the shape of spidermans eyes from some of the other movies kinda like a rain drop its fat on the bottom and gets skinnier while going diagnol. Now think about this which spiderman costume has glowing eyes and a huge part of the civil war storyline. Think about it. THE IRON SPIDER is the only suit it could be. We also know when the screen cut to the CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR logo at the end of the tv spot the camera never stopped rolling that means spiderman in the movie is actually standing by black panther when it shows the teams in the movie. which makes sence that he is standing by black panther because he is close to iron so close that his eyes would reflect off his suit.also the eyes on his shoulder in the trailer follow the camera. Thats all i have to say i will be putting up more civil war stuff in the next couple weeks thanks for reading by.


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