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Caution: TWD spoilage ahead...of course!

Unless you've been living in an underground bunker, you should know by now that the mid-season premiere of TWD is going to leave us all shocked, mad, sad, crying, screaming at our TV's, and pretty much in need of massive therapy, all at the same time. Unfortunately, most of us have to work the next morning, so we're going to be either spending our time hunkered down in the corner of dark meeting rooms, or standing around water coolers hugging it out.

In this mini interview on EW, the interviewer asks for some info from someone who's seen No Way Out already, and does it really raise some hairs:

I will take anything The Walking Dead. Please, pretty please. — Hartley

Here’s a fair warning: The nail-biting tension you felt watching the first four minutes of the episode continues all the way through. There are at least two literal explosive moments, with a third gasp-inducing sequence that will probably leave you reeling and wondering how Rick can possibly stay sane. Fortunately, Daryl comes up big when you least expect it.

I mean, this guy on gizmodo goes even further, not really spoiling anything, but letting us know this episode, the season, and especially the season finale, are going to kill us right in the feels with some major deaths, and one that just seems completely not necessary (see below).

But back to the interview.

Two literal explosive moments

As I said here, it looks like Daryl will be doing some major Savior killing. I mean, who pushes Daryl? Nobody! That pissed of redneck has had his stuff stolen and trust betrayed one too many times lately.

And according to this article by moviepilot's Kristin Lai, Daryl will be making Merle proud this season, and most likely, in this episode.

The interviewee (is that a word?) says that there will literally be explosive moments. There's a rocket launcher in the tanker...and it's a tanker. And Daryl's pissed. What else could they mean?

Daryl comes up big when you least expect it

Surrounded and outnumbered by Saviors? Rocket Launcher? I think I need not say no mo.

How can Rick possibly stay sane?

For a guy who's lived through his wife's child-birth death, and subsequent hallucinations, to say a guy shouldn't be staying sane has to mean something BIG is going to happen. Not only does this moment

show the start of the Crazy Rick that we got to know for most of that season, but it spawned SO. MANY. FUNNY. MEME'S.

What drives Rick insane? Losing people he REALLY loves. Not Beth, not T-Dog, not even thinking he lost Judith drove him nuts, maybe because he hasn't gotten to know her too well yet. But losing Lori drove him seeing his kid get shot in the eye, or maybe Judith meeting her end? That would do it. Chopping Jessie's hand off wouldn't even phase him I don't think, if it was really to save Carl. Judith's death might be the death that seems completely unnecessary (see above).

All speculation, of course, but WOW is it starting to look like it's more than just guessing!

And of course, here's those first 4 minutes again if you'd like:



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