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First of all, if you haven't played Borderlands, WHY?! Incase you haven't, here's a brief description of the game:

Borderlands is set on the planet of Pandora. Several fortune seekers, including the player's character, arrive in search of the fabled Vault. There's lots of jokes, vulgar sayings, blood and action. It's basically the perfect game and it's definitely not meant for anyone under the age of 17.

Second, if you're over the age of 17 here's why Lionsgate teaming up with Gearbox to bring this masterpiece to the big screen is the best move Gearbox has made.

It would be the ultimate mix of comedy and action

Do you like to laugh until you cry? With Claptrap alone you'd be crying tears from laughing so hard. Though a tad ridiculous at times, and extremely vulgar, he brings the best comedy to the game. He's this little bot that follows you throughout the game, gives you tips, and doesn't lay the jokes on lightly. He's not the only joker in the game, however, everyone has their moments. Even when they are trying to be threatening it comes off as humorous most of the time.

How awesome is it going to be to see all their strange badass villains come to life?

Hello! 9 Toes (also, he has 3 balls) or Handsome Jack?! Just imagine how cool it will be watching Vault Hunters take them down. Sure, cinema has lots of great villains already, but they haven't seen any villains like these guys. I mean 9 Toes (also, he has 3 balls?) I challenge you to name a villain that's similar to him!

Speaking of Vault Hunters... don't forget the Sirens!

(through a forced smile) Keep calling me "child" and see what happens, jackass.- Maya

There's no movie with characters like them! Maya and Lilith alone show you what it means to "fight like a girl." They kick some serious ass and are totally unstoppable when they team up. They're hilarious, strong and brave. They make me proud to be female. These are two characters that the cinema needs.

Tiny Tina

Tiny Tina is the worlds deadliest 13 year old. She's so badass she gets a whole section dedicated to her. First of, she's only 13 years old and she's a completely unstoppable explosives expert. She falls under the category of what it means to "fight like a girl" with Maya and Lilith. What's better than seeing a kid fighting and kicking ass in an action movie? A female kid kicking ass.

Action, fights and blood, OH MY

Ever see someone put away their guns and pull out a two-handed buzz ax to finish the battle? Didn't think so. Well, with Krieg, you'll get to witness this along with lots of other blood thirsty fights for the gore and horror lovers. I know I love a good, bloody fight l guarantee you haven't seen anything like the fights on Pandora!

There's no other movie like it

Ahh. Smell that crisp Pandoran aaaaAAAAAAAAAAIR!
Ahh. Smell that crisp Pandoran aaaaAAAAAAAAAAIR!

Mad Max: Fury Road to Borderlands, I would say that's not true. Sure they have similarities, but they are not one and the same by any means. Mad Max surely doesn't have any Psychos and a Tiny Tina or any Claptraps.

Borderlands is sarcastic, vulgar, bloody and full of action. If you want it to come to the big screen like I do you're in luck. Gearbox has teamed with Lionsgate and a movie is the works. I can't wait to see how they bring one of my favorite games to life!


Are you excited for the Borderlands movie?


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