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As a child, the first scary movie I ever watched was Jaws. I was five, and I watched it with my older siblings while my parents were out of town. I was mesmerized, horrified, and 16 years later I still don't go into the ocean because of it. No other horror movie has ever made me feel as much terror or stuck with me the way Jaws has. The last time a Jaws movie was made was 1987. That's nearly 30 years ago! And the first movie came out all the way back in 1975! It's about time for that rogue shark to swim its way back into our hearts and nightmares. Here are a few things I think are key to the success of a Jaws reboot.

Bring Back Spielberg

Steven Spielberg notoriously hates making sequels. He's also stated he would never remake any of his movies, especially not Jaws. However, I think he could be talked into coming back if it wasn't to direct the film. I believe he would work as a producer and consultant for the project the same way he did for Jurassic World. He knows what made the movie special, and if he weren't attached in some way it would be a tragedy. So basically what I'm saying is force Mr. Spielberg to make another Jaws, whether he wants to or not. Kidnap him if you have to! (no, no, don't do that).

Practical Effects

Jaws revolutionized special effects with the mechanical shark known as Bruce (seen above). As time moved forward, movies went CGI (computer-generated imagery) crazy! Recently we have seen a major call back to practical effects. Movies as big as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Mad Max: Fury Road went with more practical effects and the viewers loved it. A 2016 version of Bruce would not only look amazing, but also be a great call back to the original.

We Want Sharks!

People are obsessed with sharks, and have been for a long time. They are creatures of the deep that terrify and intrigue us. There is a whole week dedicated to the aquatic creatures every summer. Imagine if during Shark Week there was a trailer for the a new Jaws movie. Everyone would lose their minds! Hell, people even sit through the Sharknado movies to get a taste of some shark action. Even if a Jaws reboot wasn't as good as the original, which it almost certainly wouldn't be, it doesn't mean it wouldn't be good. Jurassic Park is better than Jurassic World but that doesn't mean Jurassic World is a failure. In the past few years we have seen the revival of franchises such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Rocky, and Mad Max. Jaws is the franchise I would love to see brought back next!

Are there any franchises you would like to see revived? If so leave them in the comments!


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