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So with Deadpool being a huge hit and somewhat taking the spotlight off the X-Men team movies for now, a way forward for the X-Men Cinematic Universe could be to have other team movies. The first and most logical option would be X-Force Deadpool and the now confirmed to appear in Deadpool 2 Cable are, or have, been members of the team and am now going to fan-cast the potential movie.


Cable from the 1990s X-Men: The Animated Series.
Cable from the 1990s X-Men: The Animated Series.

Cable would be the obvious leader for an X-Force movie, at least for the first X-Force movie, because everyone affiliates him with being the leader of X-Force. Now that he has been confirmed for Deadpool 2 we will hopefully see some development from him that will make him an accepted fixture in said movie.

Top Casting Choice: Liam Neeson

Fan-Art of Liam Neeson as Cable
Fan-Art of Liam Neeson as Cable

As soon as I saw this casting choice I was intrigued but seeing this picture and I'm like "Yes, perfect, cast him" and it works in his favor as Fox already is well-known to work with Liam Neeson due to the Taken trilogy.

Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool as I say is already established, I don't think anyone wants to see Ryan Reynolds replaced. I'd love to see considering Deadpool was the first out of the gate, whether or not he and Cable would battle for the leader position but we'll see going forward what happens.


Domino is one of those characters I really want to see in live-action; both for her look and her action scenes I think she would be brilliantly realized in live-action. I reckon it would be interesting to explore her as a potential love interest to either Cable (as she is in the comics) or Deadpool and for her to take on the Black Widow role in the team.

Top Casting Choice: Milla Jovovich or Ashley Greene

Milla is I think the obvious choice for Domino as she both looks the part and her Resident Evil work in essence is like Domino's character. I feel if they did cast this age-bracket then she'd be a love interest to Cable as in the comics because she's in her forties and Liam Neeson is in his sixties.

Image courtesy of Noxentra
Image courtesy of Noxentra

While Ashley Greene is most famous for portraying the passive-aggressive vamp Alice Cullen in the Twilight Saga. She proved herself a number of times in the role to be great at action sequences, as a younger Domino she could be a love interest to Deadpool especially as it doesn't seem Copycat will be making a mutant appearance anytime soon.


Forge I'm assuming is the Cisco Ramon of X-Force, I have only seen him as the leader of the team in the '90s animated series but with both Cable and Deadpool potentially vying for the leader position I doubt Forge would try competing.

Top Casting Choice: Chaske Spencer

I feel if we want to see a more gritty yet comedic Forge that Chaske Spencer, best known for portraying Sam Uley in the Twilight Saga, would be ideal casting.

Warpath: Boo Boo Stewart

Warpath is a member of the Free Mutants in the future sequences of X-Men: Days of Future Past so whether or not they still go with Boo Boo Stewart in the role is up for debate but I quite liked him in the role, I think he looks good in the role and his acting while sub-par given nothing to do was good.


So with Hugh Jackman stepping away from Wolverine after the Adamantium-laced antihero makes his third and final solo movie. Because of this I refuse to make any fan-cast list that includes Wolverine because I will fan-cast Wolverine as Hugh Jackman. Also I feel maybe it's time to focus on new characters and X-23 has proven widely popular stemming from X-Men: Evolution.

Top Casting Choice: Victoria Moroles

So while I feel X-23 should be a teenager, I don't feel like any teenage actress could take on the role and also Victoria has given an X-23-esque performance in Teen Wolf even though she is a Chimera.


What do you think about my fan-cast?


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