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Fun Size Horror made you the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift. Mali Elfman stars at Lisa, a woman with an obsession for all things perfect. Fashion, furniture, even mundane household appliances; everything in her life is held to the highest standards...especially men. When Lisa wakes up next to Josh (Trey Everette) after a drunken hookup, she discovers that her lover has one small imperfection: a tattoo keepsake from a past relationship. It’s not long after that Josh discovers how far Lisa will go to make their encounter Perfect*.

Perfect was written and directed by Taylor Phillips based on the character created by Anisa Qureshi in the film The Lover, a segment in the anthology Fun Size Horror: Volume One. The Lover showed her femme fatale dealing with a broken heart by cutting out others. With Perfect, the team wanted to further explore the character and give audiences a peek at what makes her tick.

Perfect is also a part of Fun Size Horror: Volume Two premiering on Hulu March 4th, 2016. See more original horror films on Fun Size Horror's distribution platform; a destination for horror fans to consume short form content, share their own films, and communicate with like-minded genre lovers. To learn more, submit your own horror film and join the growing community.

*Get it? The short is called Perfect.

Watch 'PERFECT' here!


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