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Spoilers below, read at your own risk!

With no confirmation but rumors on the rise, one question still remains: will Dexter finally get the ending everyone has been asking for? Or is this just misinformation, meant to toy with the fan's heads?

Binging this show was something else, and if you haven't yet and can handle a whole lot of blood, I recommend it! While the first four seasons were incredible, the last four being decent, the finale of the beloved Showtime series left a lot to be desired. Although I have defended the ending, claiming that this was the only ending possible (if Dexter were to live) in order to show how affected he is by his sister's death, and to show that out of love for his son he cannot be a part of his life.

Dexter with son Harrison
Dexter with son Harrison

Originally, a spin-off series was rumored around late 2014. It was going to focus on Vince Masuka and Angel Battista, both of whom were series regulars in the original show. Although this didn't seem like the worst idea, I think it would have run no more then three seasons. Sure, it would have gotten hold of the nostalgic Dexter fandom, but my guess is after a season or two viewers would drop off. Fans loved the original show for its psychopathic lead "and"the supporting characters helped, but they were not the ones bringing in the viewers.


I do hope for another season, even if i's just six or so episodes. Many fans need more closure than lumberjack Dexter sitting at a table. I won't lobby for the character's death, but if he is never seen dying in the series there will always be the question; What's next for Dexter Morgan?


Do you want to see Dexter get rebooted?


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