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I know so many of you diehard fans have waited for so long for this movie and hope you dont take offence from my comments. these are my personal opnions and are VERY VERY heavy on spoilers. i dont read the comics and only watch SHMs because the stories intrigue me. so here we go.

first of all I have to commend Ryan Reynolds for his potrayal of deadpool. it far transcedes what we have come to accept as actor/character matches like RDJ as Iron man, hugh jackman as wolverine etc. he has put himself on a whole other level. he is witty, comical and a romantic in so many weird ways than one. my bone of contention however, is that his story seemed a little forces. i was not convinced why he had to dress up and kill lots of guys just to get to one miserable lab head who takes offence with people knowing that he is called francis. since we are talking about francis, I did not find him at all menacing. dont get me wrong ed skrein is a good actor, but the writers of the movie did not do him justice. he lacks in depth, and has several plot holes(like what was happening between him and that bad-looking-old-man at the beginning who descends from the helicopter). as far as villians go, i wil still wait for the next SHMs( I am talking about you BvS and Civil war).

secondly, I loved the opening credits. love how miller made fun of the cast, characters and larger x-men universe from the beginning of the film( and throughout the movie, till the end). it was a goofy and fun thing to do. Miller however, used the excuse of the movie, being R-rated to fill the movie with lots of nude, and violence and less on story and real motivation to drive the plot. characters like weasel, angel dust, the old blind lady( sorry dont know her name) and negasonic were under-used. with vanessa, who should have had a minor supporting role, was a major character in driving the plot.

thirdly. if you decide to cameo the freaking castle of Xaviers school, do it with more than two xmen!!!!. why were colossus and negasonic the only occupants. that was a really cheap way to try remind us that deadpool is actually in the xmen universe FOX. and deadpool jabbing about it to the fourth wall did not help the situation.

fourthly, i love movie music. I love it a lot, I was actually more inclined to watch deadpool, since Junkie XL was scoring it. compared to Mad max, which he scored, this movie was a far cry from what I expected. i was all excited during the opening highway fight scene since his trademark sounds were blaring around the cinema. but as the movie progressed I heard less and less from this talented music genius. i wonder who had a hand in reducing the amount of music he composed for the movie.

lastly, the slow pace of the revenge story after wade is tortured till he gets his powers was so aggravating, that i got tired of watching it before the final act. yes he was messed up, and yes he had every reason to kill all those bad guys to get to ajax and yes he still had to find a way to get back to his crazy girl vanessa. but that is no excuse serving us a blunt, shallow, violent and forgettable story. the movie might be really good (action-wise, funny-nature and great acting) but still has the classic footprint of struggling FOX-based SHMs all over it.


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