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Ever since Zootopia's teaser trailer came out, everyone has been wondering how cool it's going to be. Well, for instance, I feel that this will be the first major film to give us a chance to bring ourselves hope. Here are five reasons for it:

1) The story is about trusting each other

Trust is the sole reason of how Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde became friends. Giving themselves time to think "Is this how we are meant to be?" and to look out for each other. Each time some offensive obstacle comes their way, trust is being left alone with sorrow. That's why it's very important for the film's two main characters.

2) Clawhauser represents humor

Humor is what makes a person or more laugh. To some (or in this case, me), he actually represents humor. By taking his funny side seriously and never backing down on tragic seriousness. It's hinted in the clip where Judy meets him at the entrance of the ZPD. It's also the central key he'd be as popular as Big Hero 6's Baymax and/or Inside Out's Bing Bong. When we actually analyse some advantage of Clawhauser, it's presumably possible that he'd be nicknamed "humor" in recent times.

3) Chief Bogo has Rude Syndrome

Probably the saddest and most confusing part in the film involving the head of the ZPD. He strictly orders Judy to be at parking duty when Judy feels like she could really turn out to be an outstanding crime fighter, but Bogo rudely changes plans on her. This is known as "Rude Syndrome". A type of medical sign of being stuck with mental rudeness in someone's head. Bogo was the syndrome's victim. And like finding a cure for all savage animals, there sure could be a cure for Bogo's mental sickness primarily involving mental rudeness.

4) Dawn Bellwether becomes the embodiment of redemption

According the book releases of the film (SPOILER ALERT!), she is the one that made the night howler serum. But it can be assumed that she felt remorse of what she did. Thus, gaining her redemption overtime. This explains her sweet personality as presented earlier.

5) Zootopia's savior

In many bible stories, the lord is humanity's savior while lucifer gave us free will. This could mean Zootopia has an "almighty" savior. But to many sides, good represents compassion, honesty, and care. Evil on the other hand represents death, neglect, and disgraceful remorse. Judy and Nick would find out that it's the one reason everything in Zootopia has happened.

So, do you believe these are the reasons you should go watch Zootopia? Yes they are, because we can assure ourselves on one thing: Lucifer IS our knowledge and free will.

Disney's Zootopia hits theaters in March 4th 2016.


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