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Okay, after the [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) Super Bowl TV spot (that's a mouthful), we got to see some brand new footage of the movie that had geeks like me more excited than for the actual Super Bowl. We got to see Ant-Man's new suit, a better look at Black Panther, and who EXACTLY is on whose side for the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. Sorry. Wrong movie.

However, knowing that the MCU doesn't follow the comics to a dime, there is a lot of speculation for how this movie COULD end. Oh yeah, potential spoiler warning probably would be good.



Okay cool, so, anyway. Now for anyone who read the Civil War story line (GREAT read, by the way), we all know who goes on whose side, who lives and who dies, yada yada yada. HOWEVER! Considering the route we KNOW the MCU is going to take given the movies that are lined up leading up to Infinity War and beyond, Cap the Third cannot follow the comics in more ways than one. But, of course they will be sticking with the basics, such as the Superhero Registration Act (or something of the like). On the other hand, there are some key elements to the comic story line that can't be followed in the movie which could change the whole course of the story, giving even the comic book junkies a surprise. Such as...

The FF in all its glory (Marvel Comics)
The FF in all its glory (Marvel Comics)

The absence of the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards in particular is a HUGE part of the comic storyline whose actions result in the death of Goliath thanks to Reed's Thor android... clone... thing. Ha. Accidental pun. Not to mention Sue's identity crisis which results in... a lot. Ugh. Drama.

Cap's Secret Avengers will also be taken out of the picture considering the MCU doesn't have nearly enough of his comic book teammates. However, that will only make the fight more personal and awesome. Still a bummer though.

Cap's death at the end of the story also is unlikely considering Chris Evans's role in Infinity War.

And of course, who could forget Punisher's role in the Civil War?

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Goddamn, that would be cool on the big screen.

So ALL of this (and a lot more) in mind, what exactly COULD happen?

Well, plenty. We'll go by character.

Steve Rodgers a.k.a. Captain America : Even though Cap ends up dead after being imprisoned in the comics, he still was an unrelenting storm of badass throughout, so naturally we get to see that happen. But like I said before, he more than likely won't be killed off in this movie. However, I wouldn't be so quick to deny that he may end up being imprisoned. In the comics, Cap and his army surrender to Team Iron-Man because Steve noticed all the civilian casualties and could not bring himself to endanger any more people. Yeah, that sounds like good ole, Steve. So if the movie decides to go down that road, Cap will end up going to prison. I would also like to see Tony kick the s*** out of Steve and send him in that way, but I think Cap surrendering would be cooler in practice. However, if they happen to make Cap WIN the Civil War, that opens up all kinds of doors that I don't even wanna go into.

Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man : In the comics (sick of me saying that yet?), Tony works in close quarters with Reed Richards. Together they make that Thor clone I mentioned and that goes all kinds of bad. That being a pivotal moment in the original story, the movie is going to have to shake it up considering the FF isn't in this movie. Stark will have to work mainly with War Machine and Black Widow for a lot of political jargon considering their roles in the military and S.H.I.E.L.D. (formerly). Otherwise, his role will be about the same as in the comics. Fight Cap. Tell the President that he has it under control.

The Vision : Voice of reason for Team Iron Man. While Vision may be powerful as hell, he has a sense of peace about him. Considering Vision's relationship with Steve as a member of the Avengers, Vision may not want to fight Cap at all. He'll try and talk Tony out of it for most of the movie. Then of course the inevitable fight comes and he has to clean up. My only issue is that there is NO ONE on Team Cap that can take Vision... So we'll see how that goes.

Hawkeye and Black Widow : Probably the most heart-breaking thing about this movie (besides the "So was I" line) is that the two best of friends in all the MCU are on opposite sides. Watching them fight in the first Avengers film was fun, but since then, the friendship between Romanov and Barton has been revealed more and more. And this time, Hawkeye won't be under mind control. These two will have to fight it out while knowing full well what is going on.

Bucky Barnes a.k.a. The Winter Soldier : Bucky's role in this movie is significantly different than in the comics, however I almost enjoy his role more in the movie... Yeah I said it. Fight me. Bucky is on the run after the events of Captain America: The Winter Solider, so needless to say Cap's defending him really gets the ball rolling for the Superhero Registration Act. Bucky, Falcon, and Cap will spend at least a good chunk of the movie on the run from the government and eventually Team Iron Man. Then of course they turn it around to fight. Bucky's ending in this movie could go one of three ways (if we follow the "Cap loses" timeline). A. He surrenders with Cap and goes to jail. B. He runs after Cap's surrender. C. He dies. That last one is a bit out there, but that would be pretty crazy.

T'challa a.k.a. The Black Panther : Ohhhhh man if this doesn't get the blood pumping I don't know what will! Black Panther, in many opinions, is sent after Bucky after the government realized Cap was helping. They needed more firepower. So they call Black Panther to the scene, who, eventually, joins Team Iron Man after realizing they have a common enemy. Obviously it'll go way more in depth than that, but that's what's important.

War Machine: Dies. Calling it now.

Ant-Man : Ant-Man being on the same team as Falcon makes total sense. Falcon knows who Scott Lang is. He knows he's capable. It would be no surprise to see Sam Wilson call up Scott being like, "Hey so... We need help. How would you like to be an Avenger?" Or something like that. Scott as a solo hero might also be affected negatively be the SRA, giving him more reason to fight for Cap. Now, of course, there's this fun little factor: Giant-Man. The little Pop figures already spoiled that for us.

Pop! Giant-Man Figure
Pop! Giant-Man Figure

Now since we already had one giant die in the comics (Thor clone kills Goliath), there have been rumors that Scott Lang will die at the hands of someone from Team Iron Man. However, the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp movie has that theory pretty much debunked...


Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man : Freaking Spider-Man. Been waiting FOREVER for some kind of Spider-Man footage but NO! Because Marvel HATES us. Spider-Man's role in Civil War (comics) is that he starts on Iron Man's side then moves on the Cap's side when he sees all his friends and allies being arrested and hospitalized and killed (Goliath). I would LOVE to see that in the movie. However...


He'll be introduced as a brand new character despite his verbal cameo in Ant-Man. So my theory is that he's introduced fighting crime in a makeshift costume when word of the SRA gets out, but instead of joining Cap's side to fight crime freely, he joins Iron Man's side, eventually switching over if they want to follow the comics. Either way, considering we don't know anything about this Peter Parker, besides speculation, he's kind of a wild card. Which makes his introduction into this universe so exciting. And also... Spider-Man.

I don't care what happens in this movie as long as this little shot happens though...


So I guess the real question is... Whose side are you on?


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