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As TV progresses, we seem to go back to basics. We have seen older TV shows (Hawaii Five-O, The X Files, 24) get a full reboot or even a special continued season, but with that, we can ask: What movies would make a great TV Show?

To start, let's look at a great example showing how well this can work...


Limitless is a film that was released in 2011, starring Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra, a down on his luck writer who wanted more. Well, he got more when an old friend introduced him to NZT, a drug that produced enhanced mental acuity.

The movie was a huge success, with a budget of $27 million, making $161.8 million in the box office.

Fast forward to 2015....

Starring Jake McDorman as Brian Finch, we see a 28-year-old who is introduced to NZT by his friend, Eli. Brian begins to excel at his job and even helps identify his dad's disease. Brian feels the side effects of NZT and eventually passes out. He awakens to find himself tied to a chair across from Senator Eddie Morra (special guest star Bradley Cooper). Enlisted to assist the senator, the series follows Brian Finch as he helps the FBI and finds himself becoming something else! The show has proven to be a hit and continues to air with a gracious 6-8 million US viewers.

Limitless is a great example that shows how great movies can also produce great TV! Now the big question is, what other movies would make great TV shows?

1. 'Mission: Impossible'

As much as it has been a great movie franchise, pulling off the impossible time and time again, I believe it would make a great TV series as well. The movie franchise sees Ethan Hunt take on impossible tasks and succeed in the greatest possible way!

With five movies out, the total franchise budget has been $650 million with a box office of $2.7 billion dollars! The first movie released in 1996 alone had a budget of $80 million making $457 million in the box office!

With that said, a TV series of the same name could show us the world of Impossible as a team takes on new challenges and works towards a great end! One may think this sounds a lot like 24, and they may be right! The difference is the world of a federal agent against the world of an international spy. 24 saw Jack Bauer interact with government and even run away from government to complete his tasks. A TV series based on Mission: Impossible would see a spy, not acknowledged by his government, pull off the impossible using new technologies in the world today!

I think this kind of show could really hit it off with backing from The CW. They have done great work with period pieces and sci-fi. It'd be a new challenge for them and a viewing pleasure for us to see them go into an action/adventure genre. Would you rather see this as a reboot or a connected universe?

2. 'Now You See Me'

The first movie was released in 2013, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman. We watched as four gifted magicians became "The Four Horsemen," pulling off heists with their sleight of hand.

The movie was a great success with a budget of $75 million and box office of $351.7 million.

As much as this will make a fantastic movie franchise, it'd be great to see a TV show where gifted magicians work together to commit crimes while they are chased by various agencies throughout the world. Each season would have great plot twists keeping you on the edge of your seat. It would be a cast with a few A-listers but the majority unknown, forming another four horsemen trying to one-up their movie counterparts! TV today has become predictable. A show like this could do the exact opposite and become the unpredictable, bringing in quite a few viewers.

A show like this would do amazingly well with the backing of a larger studio like CBS.

3. 'Jack Reacher'

Based on Lee Child's 2005 novel, One Shot, the movie was released in 2012. Starring Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, we followed our main character as he investigate a sniper shooting that kills five people. Injected into an ongoing investigation, Reacher has to follow the evidence, but at a cost.

The movie performed well with a budget of $60 million and box office of $218.3 million.

A movie filled with suspense and major plot twists, following an agent who can see beyond the planted evidence, would make a great show! We have a lot of investigative TV these days, but they tend to focus on crimes that can be solved in the span of a 45 minute episode. A show based on Jack Reacher could follow our main character over the course of 10 days as he follows the evidence and gets into deep water over it!

A show like this would succeed on almost any network. It would come down to a network that would really strive to budget the show and make it a success! It would require great writers to pull it off. I would love to see Greg Berlanti (Dawson's Creek, Everwood, Hacj & Bobby, Eli Stone, Political Arrows, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow) work on this and really make it unique and a hit!

4. 'Chronicle'

This movie was truly unique. Directed by Josh Trank, the movie saw three Seattle high school seniors who form a bond after gaining telekinetic powers from an unknown object. We follow our cast as they learn to use their powers and as the power goes to their head. We witnessed the creation of villains with one working towards the stature of a supervillain!

With a budget o $12 million, the movie saw 10 times that amount in the box office, making a nice $126.6 million.

This movie was extremely unique. An all new original story, it allowed us to relate to characters who were just like us. A TV show based on this movie would push us to ask ourselves one question: what would you do with all that power? We would follow an original cast as they explore their powers and their effect on themselves and those around them. This would be really cool if it was shown from a first person type perspective!

We have another show similar to this from PSN called Powers, already into its second season. But a show based on Chronicle could really hit it off in the mainstream with CBS or The CW!

'Mission: Impossible VI' has named a director and will begin production in 2016!
'Now You See Me 2' will hit theaters on June 10, 2016!
'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' is a sequel that is scheduled to be released October 21, 2016!

What other movies would you like to see become a TV show? Comment below! Let's chat!!


Which movie would you love to see as a TV series?


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