ByScott Dalla Valle, writer at
To get the feel of the movie's New England horror you have to go back to the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. From there you can follow it to its Old World origins in the Gothic horror of August Dereleth. The horror movies of popular culture do not delve deep into the lore. The stories and movies you see were many times based on real things whispered about it hushed tones and a lot has died away with the lost oral traditions of story telling when folklore was passed between people huddled over a fire deep into the night over the Witching Hour. However for those inclined to dig and peer down that dark rabbit hole your next stop would be the Occult section. There you will find fresh nightmares never put to the silverscreen such as blankets cursed by Mountain Witches if the Southern Appalachian Mountains that suck your blood or the real inspiration for the fictional grimoire The Necromicon, The Book of The Black Earth said by some to be written in blood and whose pages wont burn in fire. Be careful though, when researching if you peer too long into the darkness the darkness may be peering back at you! lol

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