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Before December 18th, nobody knew why Luke Skywalker was missing from any and all promotional images or videos.

But today, after almost 2 months since the release, we finally have our first Luke Skywalker toy! The New York Toy Fair started today, and we already have a few good looks at some up coming toys. Funko, a semi-popular toy company also showcased some of their stuff. One of their toy catalogs revealed our first look at our first Luke Skywalker toy! You can see the image below:

The catalog also provides a look at some other toys we have been awaiting, including TR-2199 (Also know as TR-8R, the trooper behind the meme), Maz Kanata, General Hux, Rey, Snap Wexley, General Leia, Admiral Ackbar, and a after-battle Kylo Ren. The Kylo Ren toy gives us a first look at the damages and scars Rey gave him at the end of The Force Awakens. We also get a toy from 2 outsider characters: A Guvian and CO-74.

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