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glaeken molasar

Boris is here. In front of the big calculator with tv attached to it.

I watched a great movie today. It is called Deadpool. Deadpool centers around my comrade and X-Men regular Piotr Rasputin aka Colossus. He is forced to help Canadian looser Wade Wilson in his Quest to save Beautiful Russian woman Vanessa.

From the first moments Colossus appears in the film you can see that he is strong, good looking man. He takes care of his comrades and helps his sidekick Deadpool achieve his mission.

In the movie we also see Gina Carano (who is also Russian), strong woman that can defeat Colossus but falls in love with him because of her Motherland duties of re-population of Soviet Nation.

Throughout entire film we see Wade Wilson suffering and whining, he is definitely not Russian.

Spoiler Alert. Colossus saves everyone in the end and promises to return in Deadpool 2: Comrade Colossus.

Piece Out, you weak human beings.


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