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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is right around the corner and to say that fans are excited is an understatement. There is so much speculation around what exact things will happen. Like who will die? How exactly will Spider-Man be introduced? What will happen to the whole team after this movie?

With all the hype, memes, and happiness that's going on about it, I find myself getting even more excited about this movie coming out. However, I'm not ready to see Tony and Steve, let alone the entire team, at odds with each other. I'm starting to think about Tony and Steve's relationship with each other more. It is a very bittersweet relationship that they have but it is also a very dear one.

What's bad about them

Their personalities are the exact opposite. Steve Rogers is conservative, kind, humble, quiet, and always willing to work, even when its hard. He's not a guy that cares about the lights being on him and being well known- even though he is well known because of his history as Captain America back in his time and this present time now. He's still adjusting to the modern world, which is completely new to him, since he grew up in the 1930s. He's willing to learn new things in this present day but he'll never stray away from his roots.

On the other hand, Tony Stark is charismatic, chatty, proud, and modern. He's great when the spotlight is on him and he's all about new and efficient things. In a way, he can have the society in his hand because he knows how it works and what its all about. However, Tony does believe in more then just being known, he does have a good heart (no intention to use the pun). He cares about helping people and making things better in everyday life. He wants to make a difference in the world.

Since they are so different and opposite, they easily make fun of each other and pick at each other. That can be pure fun and good for laughs (which it usually is) but it also can increase any divide they have between each other.

As their personalities are opposite, their tactics and solutions to problems are different. Tony's tactics are detailed, usually high-tech based, and requires more mental action, while Steve's are more big picture-based, hands on, and require physical action. Either of their approaches gets the job done but sometimes it causes friction and animosity between the both of them because their abilities and ideas are so efficient, and they both are so certain in them, that they feel a threat and a need to defend themselves when the other comes in the way. They both play leader and having to leaders can cause big problems, especially when those leaders have different ways of handling situations, no matter how good each solution is.

What's good about them

There are a few similarities that Tony and Steve do have between each other. Steve's parents died early in his life, Tony's parents died as well while he was still young. They both can be very stubborn and are strong-willed. Tony can very quickly be looked at as arrogant and prideful, and to an extant maybe he is, for sure, arrogant yet he very obviously cares about others because he dedicates his life to saving people. He also carries a burden in his heart of wanting to be better and not make mistakes,which is good, but can reach an unhealthy point. Steve is a very humble and selfless man, but he, like Tony, carries a burden over himself of wanting to be the best that he can be. So he holds a very high standard for himself to keep, that is in itself, a great thing, but it can become like pride in actuality because he becomes concerned with himself too much.

So, no matter how unalike they are in a general sense, there are still things that are concrete in their lives that are the same. From that, it gives room for them to come to a place of understanding and even care for each other at the end of the day.

Even with all their differences and opposite ways, they need each other.

Even though they are both natural-born leaders and they could lead their own team, they work even better for the team when both of their great minds are working together. They are the challenge each needs, even when nobody else on the team or in their life will challenge either of them, they'll be there to do it. Steve and Tony compliment each other and help the team be better. Most of all, they are friends. I know it won't look like that in theaters soon, but they are, they matter to each other and know the other is worth respecting and fighting for. They have seen each other's true colors and what the other is willing to do/go through for the sake of everyone.

Both Tony and Steve have big hearts that desire great things. They have the same heart for the mission.They want to help and protect, even if it means losing their own lives, they are willing and ready. No matter how different their techniques and ideas are for getting the job done, they both just want to get it done in the right and best way possible. They are bold, courageous, and selfless on any common day and especially in war, which is a part of what makes them the great and loved heroes they are.

The next time we will see these two on the big screen will be May 6th of this year, and they definitely will not be looking too friendly with each other. So, I just wanted to give a little bit of a reminder of the good these guys do share between each other before we see them go at it.


Whose side will you be on when Civil War hits theaters?


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