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Kylie Carlson

You caved. You caved like any good boyfriend would and you watched the Nicholas Sparks movie with your girl on Valentine's Day. You also took the relentless beating afterwards because you "don't tell her you'll be a bird with her" and you "never dance" with her "in the rain," even though we all know she would complain that it would mess up her hair.

But now, my faithful friend, it is time. It is your turn to pick the movie- and you know what to choose. Or actually, you probably don't, because your girlfriend is so not going to fall for this romantic picture of Deadpool and Vanessa that has been shared millions of times.

So, if you are sitting there wondering how in the world to get your girlfriend to be down to see the new Deadpool movie, trust me, just let her read this article. Don't get me wrong, I was excited to see this Marvel character come to life on the big screen, but it wasn't exactly my idea of a romantic Valentine's date either. But I went anyway, and ended up having to tell my boyfriend he was... right. The movie was fantastic and was even a little romantic. So, if your favorite girl is still on the fence about it, here are a few reasons why she should totally let you take her. Because you know she'll love it.

First off, there is actually a good love story... somewhere within this movie. The love story that unfolds between Ryan Reynolds's character, Deadpool and Morena Bacarrin's character, Vanessa, is actually quite touching. Starting out as a one-night stand, or even less than that in the beginning, and becoming a life-long love is honestly a modern day fairytale for some of us. (Is that bad to say? Actually, who cares.)

The story adds another layer of love in that Wade (Ryan Reynolds) is told that he has terminal cancer. Because of this, he decides to leave Vanessa so he won't bring her down in his own fight. She doesn't want him to, of course, saying that they will fight the battle together. So, he leaves her in the middle of the night, in search of a cure.

If that wasn't sappy enough, Colossus will make a girl's heart melt every time he talks. For a humongous muscle man made of metal, he sure is a big teddy bear. He is always telling Deadpool to watch his language and even let the woman he was fighting put her boobs back in her shirt before trying to kill... I mean defeat... her again. Colossus doesn't kill people. He just kind of teaches them a lesson.

It wouldn't be a love story without a damsel in distress and the guy who saves her, right? (Wrong actually, but you know what I mean.)When Wade's best friend finds out that Deadpool's enemy is coming to capture his girl, Wade makes an attempt to tell her before he gets to her, but because he is too scared to show her his not-so-pretty face, it's too late. So, he gets all his weapons and X-Men buddies together, and goes to rescue her. It's adorable, really.

All in all, it was an incredible movie, and I definitely recommend this to all my girls out there. You can even surprise your guy and take him to see it.


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