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Despite how much we think we know about Batman v Superman (e.g. Doomsday), there are still a ton of plot points, roles, and Easter Eggs we don't know about. Two of the film's most persistent, yet still unconfirmed, rumors include the appearance of Jared Leto's Clown Prince of Crime and Jena Malone's Batgirl. Well, it seems like those rumors do indeed hold some weight, assuming this is real.

Note that because of my limited (read: almost non-existent) French capabilities, each follow-up will be very short.

The Article In Question:

There's so much going on in this photo, but let's just stick to the interesting parts.

Jena Malone - Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

This is something that we've been wondering for over a year now, especially with the actress dying her hair red shortly after being added to the cast. Other sites pegged as her playing Barbara Gordon, the wheelchair bound Oracle. Something interesting to note: unlike The Flash and Cyborg, her name doesn't have a cameo tag next to it. Is it possible she has a meatier role in the film than we previously thought?

Callan Mulvey - KGBeast

Like Jena Malone and Barbara Gordon, KGBeast was one of the initial guesses for Callan Mulvey's mystery role. Other sites claim that Mulvey's role in the film is actually as a high ranking LexCorp official, but it's important to remember that KGBeast (assuming he's in the film), is rumored to be working for Lex Luthor. Maybe Batman fights him when breaking into LexCorp to get the Kryptonite?

Scoot McNairy - Jimmy Olsen

First he was Flash, then he was Jimmy Olsen, and then he was a suicide bomber, and now — surprise! — he's Jimmy Olsen again. So, that wheelchair dude around the Superman statue probably was him, huh? I guess that's the best you get when your name is Scoot.

And Of Course - Joker!

"Et aussi" means "and also," so these characters probably play very limited roles in the movie. Except of course, Joker's inclusion. Had this come out a few days ago without Batgirl's inclusion, we'd assume this flashback would be a Jason Todd beatdown. But with her appearance on this list, is it possible the flashback includes a certain spine-tingling moment? As in Barbara Gordon being shot in the spine? Get it?



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